Hello! When you notice it is full of body that is often UNIQLO.

I always thought that I became a member of society"I do not have time to buy clothes slowly!"That.

To be accurate, there is really time,The priority of going to buy clothes was considerably lower in me. Still, I want to do a little fashion.

I was looking for a service that would deliver my favorite clothes ~ and I arrived at the thing called "ZOZO auto scheduled flight".

It's a service that began around February 2018, so it's a little late but I will do a review actually used this time!


  1. 1.What is regular flight leaving ZOZO
  2. 2.Actually the regular flight has arrived!
  3. 3.What's inside the regular clothing routine?
  4. 4.I try on trying on now.
  5. 5.Just get the return for me.
  6. 6.ZOZO Advantages and disadvantages of the regular flight schedule
  7. 7.It was a good service for busy people
  8. 8.5ヶ月後:おまかせ定期便、解約しました

What is regular flight leaving ZOZO

Random scheduled flightsAnd,You choose clothes for me and you can deliver it for free on the month 1!ZOZO TOWN 's service.

It is very useful for those who say "I want to fashion but I do not have time to go shopping!"

The flow of service is like this.

  1. Answer clothing preference, budget, etc. in questionnaire (OK at first, change is also possible)
  2. Selected clothes will arrive free of charge at Month 1
  3. Buy what you like · Return items you do not like

Because you can only buy what you like and return items you do not like,Even if you do not like everything that arrives you will not incur any charges.

The shipping fee will also be provided by the ZOZO side, which has become quite appreciative service.

Actually the regular flight has arrived!

From ZOZOTOWN in the middle of AprilApply trial set, The regular flight has arrived in the middle of May one month later!

It arrived with a large black box, comparatively large. I want to see the inside quickly and open corrugated cardboard!

· Clothes
· Description of clothes of this time
·Purchase order

It contains.

The "Random Regular Service" and the instructions on the upper left had comments and introductions on this clothes written. If you look at this paper, you can see what kind of items are in one shot.

What's inside the regular clothing routine?

Since the clothes that are contained are new, they are packed neatly in a plastic bag, and are still attached with tags attached.

Tags, plastic bags, hangers, etc. are also used when returning, so be careful not to throw it away wrong!

There are 6 types of clothes / shoes that were included in this time's regular flight.
It is designed to coordinate with just the items that arrivedTherefore, tops and bottoms were securely in.

If you have clothes you like, it included items that you would never purchase when shopping by yourself. I already had similar items, so I think that you are choosing your favorite item in a way.

I only wanted to choose because I do not have sense of clothes,It is good for people who want to challenge items you do not usually buyMaybe.

I try on trying on now.

So I decided to try on it soon. This is another point of note, but women should try on makeup so that makeup does not stick to clothes!

I tried to prepare things that could be face covers.


One fashion show, combining six different clothes and shoes!

This was quite fun.

Because there is no clerk and other customers, you can try on without worrying about the surroundingsIt was pretty easy! It is also a Good point that you can quickly fit items you have.

I tried everything and tried wondering what to buy, but this time I bought two points.

· Beige high-waist pants (NOLLEY'S)
· Beige Point Towe Pumps (green labele relaxing)

Regarding purchase decisions, handling is free, so I went to the next schedule as it is.

Just get the return for me.

Returned goods will be executed within one week from the time the regular flight arrives. with thisIt is thought that you will buy all unless you return it, and it will be withdrawn from CrecaSo be careful!

We will check the pick up request date and time from the ZOZOTOWN site, the goods I want to return and the reasons. It seems to be used for future clothes selection so let's check firmly for the return reason!

And just pack the returned clothes in the original corrugated cardboard, just put the purchase order and stop with the gum tape.

There is no need to write invoices, so it was fairly easy to pass this box to the people of Kuroneko Yamato at the designated time.

Next will arrive again in 1 month, so I'm looking forward to it!

ZOZO Advantages and disadvantages of the regular flight schedule

Looking at actually using, it is the merit and demerit of the automatic scheduled flight I think.

· There is a feeling of excitement to reach and open
· I can challenge clothes that I do not choose
· Do not go shopping, you can try on at home slowly
· People of Kuroneko Yamato will come to pick up when returning
· Size is perfect. People who have ZOZOSUIT will be even more perfect!

· Clothes you do not like · Sometimes you have clothes you already have
· It takes a bit of trouble to put it in a bag at the time of return

It was a good service for busy people

As society people have less time to spare, what to spend on time becomes considerably more important. I do not have time, but I have money, a society person.

Time to go shopping · Select clothes as much as possible Minimize your fashion and want to enjoy fashion! It was a perfect service for people!

I like it so I will continue to use it in the future! I also write a blog if I notice it ~. See you soon!


We have canceled the regular flight ZOZOTOWN which we used for 5 months 【We sent all arrived clothes】



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