Girls gone away. I bought a leather case for a 13-inch Macbook at a national store.

Welcome to 'everyday use'.

It is a passage in the # monolist book of Mr. Horiguchi who is my respected blogger.It's okay to dress up on a special day, but let's have more commitment to personal things everyday!is what it means.

This passage quickly came to understand, and as I thought about how everything I use everyday, the number of contacts is high, so I was convinced that if you improve that quality your daily life quality will improve as well.

When I see the things of my surroundings again I became ashamed of my own prejudice. If I think about it until now I'm often using such backpacks to parents and friends ... "Does not it matter that regular passenger?

I did not care too much that I was such a person in the past, but recently I started wanting to change little by little.


Recently I have noticed, people who can work and good people are solid from the looks. Dress suit, beautiful smart screen ... I noticed that life has appeared in appearance and belongings.

I also wanted to change my unconscious side, starting with the Macbook Pro around which I am taking care of every day.

【Overseas Pockety and Fashionable】 MacBook Hard Case 9 Selection | # HASHTAG
Despite the fact that I wrote such an article for a long time and I was considering covering and case of Macbook variously, this is it! I could not find something like that. (Although I have not been looking for such seriously)

After all I love thisMonographI tried to check the article about the Macbook case again.

Among the things that were introduced some of the things that caught my attention are articles of the leather case of a national shop that was also introduced in the monomelist book.
National store's macbook Bridle leather sleeve for 12 inches (case)

Looking at the homepage of the national shop carefully, I got lost my color, this time I bought itNational shop "Leather sleeve made by craftsman (MacBook case)"I will introduce you.


The shipping schedule e - mail arrived the next day we ordered.
I wrote "I watched monograph and wrote it!" In the free description column, it gave me a reply neatly and it is already the best experience at this point of correspondence.

Order it, it arrived corrugated immediately after 2 days!

When opening the cardboard, the black box that was sandwiched in the cushioning material! There is a feeling of luxury, I am already excited already. (I gave it to the story of Inst.

To the message on the box carefully.

Packing even more carefully even if you open the box. And there is still some paper in it!

It was an explanation and care method about British "bridle leather" used in this case. I thought what would be a bridle, but it seems to be meaningful of harness. Originally it is used as a leather for harness, and it is said that it is made considerably more time and labor than general leather.

MacBook Thin Fit ブリティッシュグリーン

When you turn white packaging finally you face the case! Certainly - ー ー ー ー ー! too cool. A case I saw with blogs or HP was in front of me! And then it sniffed the skin. Lol

In 5 color variationsWhat I chose was "Leather Sleeve for MacBook Thin Fit British Green" made by craftsmen.

The logo of Kunitachi being pushed downward is casually cool.

Thinness looks like this. One of the reasons for choosing British Green is the thinnest feature in this series.


When reading various blogs beforehand, it was written that this case is cool because the case is made exactly. I will put in a Mac immediately.

Pitt! Just fit fittingly!

I was able to get into it even if I was a woman without putting much effort. Even if seen from the side, the feeling that it really is just sticking to you is the craftsmanship of a national shop. Great measurements.

And while using a Mac you can use it like this rag (underlay). I'm still typing on the case, but I do not feel a sense of stability.


When I was watching the site of a national shop, I was quite lost in color. The price is different depending on the color.

"MacBook Brown (limited model)" has become cheaper compared with others, and although it puts it here at the time, it does not move very easily.

Because I can not wear the Brown 's system from the usual, I was thinking that something is wrong, but becoming the thought of "being cheap ..." was remembered in the # monomelist book"If you invest, you have good things."A sentence.

If I paid a lot of money I decided to make it British Green which would fit my belongings, although I wanted to make things I love from my heart.

After all it is perfect even with what I usually use.

I thought that I was glad that this color was good without compromising.

Finally, it made a chance for this shopping and helped # boast with the cover page of the monomelist book.

I think I want to use it carefully every day from now. I was able to shop good on my birthday.

You can buy the case of a national store from here.
Craftsmen made leather sleeve for 13 inch MacBook Pro

see you!



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