Apple Watch Which women is 38mm or 42mm? 【Size comparison image available】

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Now! I wanted to write for the first time in 3 weeksApple Watch size comparison review articleis!

I use Apple Watch SERIES 2, but before purchasingI was worried about "screen size"What is it?

To begin with, Apple Watch38 mmWhen42 mmThere are two types of screen sizes:Even though there was nothing, there was no Apple Watch size review for women even if you looked for Youtube.

So go to the big camera and try on it, or pause your favorite Youtuber's video to see which size it is ...

I remember it took a long time to decide (T. T)

I do not want to increase such troubling women! It is not an exaggeration to say that this blog got up by saying that! (this is true)

This time I would like to write a review carefully along with the Apple Watch fitting image of me (female)! Let's go! Damn it!

The difference between 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch

How is the difference between 38 mm and 42 mm of Apple Watch?
First of all I would like to review the basic differences.

38 mm
42 mm
36,800 yen (excluding tax)
39,800 yen (excluding tax)
Weight ※ 1
28.2 g
34.2 g
340 × 272 pixels
390 × 312 pixels
Size of case
38.6 mm x 33.3 mm
42 mm x 35.9 mm

※ 1 I think in the case of the lightest aluminum case.

I think that it is such a simple thing.
· 38mm is cheaper
· 38 mm is lighter
· The 42 mm person has a clear picture on the screen
· 42 mm is larger in character and character

Based on this information, it is easy to see fitting images.

Apple Watch Compare with fitting images!

I purchase it as "the aluminum case" & "sports band" which is the lightest combination.

By the way, my hand size is about 5 cmm, originally it was unconscious to buy 42 mm.

Apple Watch

① Apple Watch 38 mm fitting image

AppleWatch 38 mm

When I first tried on a big camera, I heard a voice saying "Small!" It is big for watches, but maybe the feeling that the iPhone fits comfortably in the arms makes you feel compact.

Women around me and my favorite woman Youtuber used 38 mm, so it was an impression that it is perfect size for women ~.

② Apple Watch 42 mm fitting image

Applewatch 42 mm

Next try fitting 42 mm, gadget feeling more than expected!
Although it is a slight difference in size, 42 mm felt like the screen was on the full of arms.

Because that character is large, it is easy to see even from afar.

Since it was both good and bad 38mm and 42mm, I decided to take it home without taking it on the spot.

③Apple Watch Comparison image of fitting on 38mm and 42mm

By the way, try on other bands, 38mm and 42mm simultaneous fitting comparison images are like this.

AppleWatch 38 mm 42 mm comparison

As you can see, the deck of the 42 mm (bottom) screen stands out

On the 38 mm side you can see the band's top and bottom, while 42 mm looks almost straight from the top! It is like a kanji.

It is like this when you display the screen!
I am sorry that it is not a screensaver ... haha

Applewatch 38 mm 42 mm comparison image

I put a comparison image on the screen where the application is dense, so I will place it.

Applewatch 38 mm 42 mm comparison image

Even if you take a look at this image, after all 42 mm is the image that it seems easier to push one icon at a time.

Applewatch 38 mm 42 mm comparison image

A version seen from a distance!
I actually use it, so I never see it from such a long distance, so I think that it would be nice if you refer to the fashionable and attached feeling.

I chose 38 mm after all!

Although I was thinking "I will buy 42 mm absolutely!", I noticed that I was able to see letters of notification sufficiently even after 38 mm even trying on various things, and finally purchased 38 mm!

Applewatch 38 mm

↑ I can clearly see the letters of notification with this kanji!

Depending on what you do with Apple Watch, the basic thing to use as a watch, check notice is 38mm even easy to see!

I also tried on 42 mm and felt that it would be heavy to put on for a long time. Although it is only 6 g difference, we recommend 38 mm for women who are not good at loading arms!

However, I think that it is good even for a woman who likes a gadget feeling or a woman who likes a heavy watch even if it is 42 mm.

Click here for Apple Watch 38 mm
Apple | Apple Apple Watch Sport 38mm MJ2X2J / A MJ2X2JA Black Sports Band

Click here for Apple Watch 42 mm
Amazon | Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space gray aluminum case and black sports band


What did you think.
It will be nice to be a reference when choosing Apple Watch anyway!

However, when buying Apple Watch for the first time it is recommended to try on clothes if possible. Because I think that the weight and the size feel differently depending on the person ...!

I think that a lost woman should buy cheap and light 38 mm. I am using it for half a year, but I think that I am glad I bought 38 mm

Well then! (1 ╹ ω ╹ 1)



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