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NY in Shinjuku. Lunch with a fashionable cafe "Brooklyn parlor" perfect for Christmas

2018-12-16 01: 31

I like the Christmas season, and every day I commute while listening to Ariana Grande's "Santa Tell Me" at Spotify. Lol The other day, when I went to a cafe that I was worried about before, ・ There is a Christmas tree in the shop and there is a Christmas tree ・ There is a large number of seats and there are many seats, and it is a perfect Christmas specification for this time I will introduce it because it was very nice.

Omiya 's bath. I am concerned about the feeling of a couple's cow, but the cartoon and hot springs are the best [honest review]

2018-11 - 04 22: 10

Concept cafés are increasingly popular, such as cat cafe · honey cat cafe · hammock cafe. Do you know that there is "a bath cafe"? I often listened to it from my friends and watched it with an advertisement of an instructor, so I knew the existence but I did not know what kind of place it was so I decided to visit! In conclusion, I am concerned about the feeling of a crow 's nest, but if you do not mind, it' s the best in hot springs and manga readings! Feeling. I will go on Sunday afternoon and will review honestly what I actually thought! People who are interested please read and try it.

【Kayabacho · Power / WiFi Cafe】 CAFE SALVADOR directly connected to the station is quiet and recommended!

2018-08-14 22: 52

Hello! Cafe work I love you, Hiroiri. I usually go out as a business, but when I went to Kayabacho the other day I found a nice nomadic cafe. It is a place that is close to Nihonbashi and Hatchobori, Mizumi Miyaebashi station so it is a highly recommended cafe for those who wish to work around there.

【Iidabashi · Wi-Fi Cafe】 Delicious lunch is delicious Royal Garden Cafe

2018-08-11 20: 38

Do you have any requirements for work cafes? I would be quite tempted if all three conditions were met. (1) 2 (2) large windows (3) High-speed Wi-Fi If it is narrow and there is a sense of blockage, the distance with the clerk is close and you have a sense of having to go back soon ... Iidabashi Station with few fashionable work cafes this time Since I found a wonderful nomad cafe meeting the above three conditions, I will share it!

【Shinjuku / Power / Wi-fi Cafe】 All seats power seat! High-speed Wi-Fi! God Cafe "caffice"

2018-07-29 20: 22

I decided to go to the cafe that can use the power supply · Wi - Fi of Shinjuku which I was flowing on Twitter the other day! Shinjuku is trying not to go as much as I am not good at crowding. However, "caffice" we went this time is conveniently connected directly to the station! It was a well-catered cafe where you can reach without crowds.

【Power supply in Shibuya / Wi-fi cafe】 Can work quietly in Shibuya "cafe 1886 at Bosch

2018-07-22 23: 24

Even if I woke up early on the weekend and thought, "Let's work early in the cafe!" Today, when I woke up at 9 o'clock and was slowly preparing while watching tiktok, the time to leave the house was nearly 11 o'clock. Addictive and disgusting of tiktok. LOL There are many places in Tokyo, especially the main station cafes, where you can not sit without having a seat in the morning. During that time, I found a cafe that is relatively open and quiet, even on weekends, in Shibuya, the Cafe Battlefield!

Really Ikebukuro? Fashionable power supply · Wi-Fi cafe "FARM TO PARK RACINES"

2018-03-21 23: 10

It became the 4th, "Oshare Nomad Cafe" series! This time, it is insanely fashionable · reasonable · with power supply Wi-Fi · close to Warari station ... I will introduce the Oshare Nomad Cafe "FARM TO PARK RACINES" of Ikebukuro, which has such favorable conditions.

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