The terrace cafe "WOOD & BRICK" in Seoul's historic city · AKUNG is the best so I want to go on a daily basis

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So far, I have introduced some cafes with terrace seats in Tokyo.

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Anguk, South Korea, which I visited the other day, is a famous tourist attraction as a retro town with Gyeongbokgung Palace and traditional streets. (A place like Kyoto in Japan)
At the same time, it is also famous for having many fashionable cafes.

You can find fashionable cafes just by walking, and I want to go here and there! I became greedy. Lol

Under such circumstances, I decided to go to a cafe called "WOOD & BRICK", which was conspicuous and had many customers.
The menu, location and terrace seats were the best cafe so I will share it!

Most of the shops have terrace seats

"WOOD & BRICK" located 5 minutes on foot from Anguk Station
It is a relatively large terrace cafe that appears in the historic cityscape.

You can see the large number of terrace seats even from outside the store. About 70% of the shops are outside seats! This is a structure that is unbearable for terrace cafe fans.

There were various styles of terrace seats on the 1st floor, such as sidewalk seats, courtyard terrace seats, and Korean house terrace seats.

Besides coffee, bread, macaroons and cakes are also available!

The structure is that the 1st floor is a cafe and the 2nd floor is a restaurant, but the cafe menu on the 1st floor is quite substantial.

I was a little hungry after taking a walk in Ankoku, so I wanted to have a drink and something.

Surprisingly coffee and smoothies, fruits, macaroons, cakes, ice cream, etc. are available. Ah, it looks delicious. ..

Bread baked in the shop is lined up on the wall side! About 30 kinds of delicious bread were lined up at the cafe & bakery.

From sweet bread to side dish bread, the price is set at around 250 to 500 yen.

You can also buy light meals such as salads and wine, and alcohol, so you can have a simple meal.

Relax on the open terrace seats

The terrace seats on the 1st floor of the store face the sidewalk and all the windows are open, so there is plenty of openness. If you are in such a cafe neighborhood, you will come every day.

The seats on the 1st floor were almost full, so I used the terrace seats on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor terrace seats are open because there is no roof! It's not a spectacular view, but you can relax while watching the people walking on the sidewalk of Ankoku.

I had rice flour cheese bun and kiwi smoothie at the counter seat.

This rice flour cheese bun was very good!
The collaboration between the fluffy and chewy rice flour bread and the sweet cheese with plenty of it was the best.

It was a wonderful service that the clerk warmed the bread.

The kiwi smoothie was a bit sour, but everything is delicious to drink at this location.

The time to chat slowly on this terrace was great.

Ankoku sightseeing in the historic cityscape. Since there are many slopes, I think it's quite tiring to walk, so I think it's perfect for taking a break.

Wood & Brick store information

Store name Wood & Brick
Street address

5-2 Jae-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

business hours 8:00〜22:00

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