I took a picture of the last summer of Heisei with "Funkunen"

Born in 1993, 25 years have passed. According to the countdown app, 9,300 days have passed since birth.

It's the last year of Heisei, so it's more lonely than I expected when the year I was born ends.

This is a rune I bought and used at my local supermarket when I was in 6th grade. Since then, digital technology has been developed and plating is no longer used, but recently released in limited quantities. I'm Copy Run Premium Kit II Purchased.

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I always take a single-lens reflex camera for my trip, but this time I decided to take 27 photos with care.

I'm glad to see the last summer of Heisei on an uninhabited island called Akune Oshima in Kagoshima.

The first photo is Haneda Airport

From the top of the plane

The main street of the university I was attending

Ferry stop for Akune Oshima. Blue is beautiful

The clear sea.

I feel the white balance is bluish


Torii at dusk

A catch ball against the sunset. Best emo

Watermelon chilled in the sea

If you hit the flash at night, it will look beautiful

Retro feeling that can only be put out on film is good

The sea around 9am. If it is not backlit, blue will be reflected firmly

Twilight at the ferry landing. I want to come again.

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