I bought a premium kit Ⅱ of French Lunar New Year 's review

Hello! I want a new camera and I'm littering around Bic camera on the weekend.
I recently read this article from Tobalog and quickly clicked on the camera.

I want to carry on with him. Dress up a classic film camera with "Funkunen Premium Kit II"

Picture taken at PREMIUM KIT II

Premium kit Ⅱ (¥ 3,380) of French
What was used when I was in elementary school "Fun Lunaru", with a limited cover. I had to buy this at the moment I saw ...! I thought.

As limited quantity items that only 22,000 pieces are released, you will want even more. Lol

When opening the box, the limited hard cover and attached shoulder strap are tightly fitted.

As I was excited and trying out the contents, I had bought it at the supermarket beside the super cash register and it is a nostalgic feeling. What I took pictures with my favorite sophomore at the time of the athletic meet of elementary school came back at a stretch.

The attached cover is an image of Fujifilm's high performance film compact camera "KLASSE W", making it solid at 3,000 yen.

Since the cover is divided up and down with the top and bottom, we only set the main body which is the main unit on the special cover.

Unexpectedly when the cover is closed, it does not mesh, and the main body is scratched in the main body, but since it is disposable, well well well.

If you put in a picture, it looks more like a real film camera.

Although it can not move at the time of operation, the dial is firmly made of silver.

Completion with a special strap attached. It is unavoidable to see the green of the main body for a moment, I'm glad that I can taste the same feeling as I bought a new camera at 3,000 yen.

Since it is light and not a burden, I would like to take it from my neck and take a trip.

Nice to meet you!

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FUJIFILM Funurunku Premium Kit II LF S-ACE NP FL 27SH 1 PREMIUM 2



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