Where do you do it? We will tell you the fee and time required for smartphone transfer!

Film camera "shooting" that re-boom is coming, focusing on young people recently

As I wrote in the blog the other day, It is a prerun of the shooting run II (¥ 3,380) I bought it, so I took it during the summer camp!

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As I could only take 27 photos, I took each one carefully, but I finished shooting right away. Lol
And I come back from the camp and notice.

"Well, how do you develop?"
"How do you transfer it to your smartphone and raise it up? _

Although I used Sha-run when I was in elementary school, it is too old to remember. Maybe, like me It is a picture run and developing refugees Maybe you are in the world.

So, this time with the camera Kitamura Until the development → → smartphone transfer Because I did it, I would like to share the flow and details.

1 First look for Kitamura of a nearby camera

First of all Kitamura HP of the camera From there, look for Kitamura near your home. By the way, other than Kitamura of the camera, you can develop even with Bic Camera and photo shop etc!

As it takes time by shop and does not do developing service, I use Kitamura of camera of relief and trust.

It is 2 photography run and brings at the time of development

The two things to bring are simple!

1) It is a photography used
2) Money about 3,000 yen

I do not use USB! It is better to bring 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen because you do not know what the money is. There are places where you can use credit cards and electronic money, but I recommend that you bring them with cash just in case.

Kitamura "smartphone transfer service" of 3 cameras

That's why I actually developed the photography with Kitamura of the camera, so I would like to write a series of flows!

1) First, order "Development and smartphone transfer service"

Head to Kitamura, a nearby camera, and tell the cashier: "Please give me the development and smartphone transfer service for photography!"

Fill in the "phone number" and "name" to be passed a white paper, and then just come back at the designated time!

2) How long does it take?

It will probably be good if you estimate the travel time to be 1 to 1.5 hours. Since development takes absolutely time, please order with time.

As I was free for 1.5 hours, I spent my free time at a nearby cafe.

3) It is a picture run and development is completed!

When the development was over, I returned to Kitamura and received it!
This negative, an envelope, etc ... I felt quite nostalgic as it was 15 years ago.

A negative, CD, and a finish statement are included! I don't need a CD personally, but I have to convert it to data to transfer it to my smartphone, so I can not help it ...

This finishing statement will be involved in smartphone transfer, so don't lose it!

4) Charge

The fee is postpaid, so pay it together when it is ready.

・ Development fee ... 648 yen
・ Development simultaneous CD writing ... 540 yen
-Simultaneous smartphone transfer ... 324 yen
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
Total ......... 1,512 yen

It is about 1,500 yen in total.

4 Smartphone transfer can be easily done from SMS

After the development is over, the flow of image transfer to the smartphone looks like this.

A message is received from Kitamura of the camera by 1SMS
2 Enter the number described in the finishing specification
3 Images are displayed in a list, so click and save.

It was a little effort to save all 27 photos one by one, so I thought it would be good if there was a batch save. I look forward to your future Mr. Kitamura.

Also, it was said that these data would disappear in about a week, so we recommend that you save it immediately!

5Photos actually developed are here

Photos developed this time are here!

That's good, isn't it? There is an emory that can not be delivered digitally.

▼ Other developed photos from here
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6 superbly fit in the "shooting loop"

I bought it again because Simple Ace was sold under the developed register of Kitamura. As Amazon was cheaper, I thought that I would buy more from Amazon from now on! FUJIFILM FUJIFILM Film with Shading Standard Type Simple Ace 27 Shots Initial Model Design LF S-ACE SP FL 27SH 1: Camera

Development → Photography is purchase → Development → Photography is purchase → Development ... It is a photography of a loop It seems to be addicted to a loop! But I really want a film camera!

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A premium kit for shooting at 3,000 yen. I can only buy such a cool limited edition.

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