Nishiazabu head office 'Utsugoro' 's "extreme tongue" is too much melting

Hello! A convenience store rice ball is a staple food.

The other day, to the company senior, Nishi Azabu's Ushigoro We had a high-class grilled meat feast on us. This shop has been awarded Bronze by THE TABELOG AWARD 2018.

I'm writing in a blog without getting excited because it was delicious and delicious in the grilled meat I've been to. Lol

It was a yakiniku restaurant in the price range that I couldn't go by all means, but the taste was amazing in proportion.

For me who is a staple food at convenience store rice, everything is brand new, so I will review it on a large scale.

It is difficult to make a reservation

I really wanted to go on Friday, but it was too popular and I finally got a reservation on Monday at 20:30.

It was in the Yakiniku Fierce District, a 15-minute walk from Omotesando Station.

It was raining that day, but a clerk was waiting at the store with an umbrella.

I am puzzled by the kind of scene I'm reading on the Tokyo calendar.

The inside of the store is not particularly gorgeous, but the layer of people who are coming is obviously different. Only "Tokyo great" came out of the mouth to the unfamiliar sight.

Upper fillet 4,000 yen! ? Is it okay to be angry?

First of all toast with beer.

There was also a course (6,800 yen ~), but to go on a single item menu with "I can ask you what I like!" Thanks for the meal!

Is there my favorite filet?


_People people
> Yonsen! ! <
^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ̄

I watched it four times, but I was so angry that I just ordered what I liked without worrying.

Please take pride in luxury grilled meat

"Two varieties of beef sashimi"

Horse stab and bird stab have been eaten, but cow stab is life first.

It has more oil than horse stab and feels softer in texture. I had soy sauce. Compatibility best with green onion!

"Thick cut harami"

This is the thickest meat I have eaten this time! Harami with a feeling. Because it was hard to burn thick and cut, a dog-based male clerk baked it in medium rare.


Yo, the top of the 4,000 yen ー ー ー ー ー ー ー! !

Although it is such a thick thing that I was surprised this is softly broken quickly

It's easy to tear like this even though I'm not putting my effort at all. There is such a fluffy fin! ? It was so soft.

And this time it was too delicious to say
"Extra Tan"

It was the feeling that Bello of a cow was coming into the mouth as it is. Lol

Even though there is no thickness, it's a magical tan that will satisfy you with just one! I have completely broken my fixed concept "Tan is so thick and good."

It seems to use the most delicious tongue base in the tongue. I thought it was what Tan I had ever eaten.


Dog boy male clerk's push for Ichibo. It seems to be a part that is just the right cousin of red meat and marbled.

I was caught in the fire and cleaned up on a plate.

This is exactly what melts in your mouth. There is a meat that disappears in the mouth.

Kujo is Kujo green onion ramen and dessert

Although only 5 types of meat are eaten, it is too delicious and it is full of stomach already.
It turned out that high meat can be satisfied with a small amount.

The wolf is "Noodles with Kujo green onion and shijimide"

It was easy-to-use ramen with delicious seafood. The most delicious noodles after eating torturous meat.

The other dessert is sweet potato and vanilla ice.

I felt happiness while repeating the warmth → tightness → warmth ....

The extravagant grilled meat was delicious.

"Ushigoro" tasted slowly over two hours. Every meat was great!

It is one of the social studies to know such a store, thank you thank the senior who took me. Let's bring our parents next time! I decided to leave the shop.

see you!



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