I did not have cute pajamas, I bought 2,999 yen "Summer pajamas" at UNIQLO

When you go to UNIQLO or GU, you will want to buy something.

I went to UNIQLO in Ginza the other day and plapled, I found "summer pajamas" perfect for the coming season.

Always sleeping with an idol 's concert tour' T ', so I occasionally tried to buy something like this.

Truly UNIQLO price, cheap.

The price is 2,990 yen. Cute pajamas I'm just thankful for the beginners' price even though I am easy to get out of hand.

There were five variations of this pajamas series. Size is S, M, X, XL 4 kinds.

· Plain (Navy)
· Solid (Orange)
· Print Pattern (None)
· Print Pattern (Tri)
· Print Pattern (Pineapple)

Although the print pattern (tri) was cute, since I did not have M size, I tried to make a pineapple pattern as a result of hesitation.

Since it was fastened with a ribbon like this, I can not try on and fit all the patterns. It is carefully kept as it seems to be good for gifts.

So I came back home and excitedly opened!

Pineapple is so cute than I thought ~! The pants are not too short, it is not too long and the feet look just beautiful.

It actually looks like this. I'm pretty fancy and funky impression because it's both up and down (lol)
I kind of felt like a child to me.

However, comfort is outstanding.

Triangular collar is like pajamas, cloth itself is so rich that I can wear it peacefully.

I am relaxed so that I can relax as a pajamas, but the shape is beautiful so it seems to be usable even when I am staying!

I can afford it at all convenience stores.
Pineapple was too pretty, so I think I should buy solid color next time!

See you soon!



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