All you can drink beer from noon on the stylish terrace of Tokyo Station "Tokyo Beer Hall & Beer Terrace 14"!

Hello! The terrace seats in the daytime are perfect.
This blog also introduces many cafes with terrace seats, but this time it's the first terrace beer hall!

I found a shop around Tokyo Station that has an all-you-can-drink on Saturdays and Sundays and has an excellent atmosphere, so I would like to share it.

Location close to Tokyo station, making it easy to get together

The store I went to this time is " Tokyo Beer Hall & Beer Terrace 14 "

Otemachi Station is a 1-minute walk and Tokyo Station is a 4-minute walk, making it easy to access from any location. I promised to meet friends in the Chiba and Saitama areas, so I chose a place that is easy to get together!

The shop itself is on the 2nd floor, so it was a little difficult to understand from the outside. It was close to Tokyo station and it was a busy day on Saturday, but it was not crowded at all.

The interior seats with large windows are also very stylish. I arrived at the shop at 13:00, but it wasn't full, so I was likely to put it in without making a reservation.

Terrace seats surrounded by greenery in the city

I had reserved the terrace seats and courses in advance!
The terrace seats have the best atmosphere surrounded by buildings and greenery.

It was sunny this day, but thanks to the trees and buildings, direct sunlight did not hit us hard. It was a high point that you can drink on the terrace without worrying about sunburn.

Weekend limited party plan

All-you-can-drink plan for 2 hours 9 items 5,000 yen that can be reserved by 3 or more people on Saturdays and Sundays only from 12:00 to 23:00 Booked!

All-you-can-drink alcohol such as Heartland wine.

The dishes were rich in variety such as salads, fish, meat and pasta, and the volume was quite large!

(?) "Meat Miso Salsame Hikana Tortilla Sand" that is aimed at Instagram is quite fashionable.

The "tandoori chicken, sausage, and grilled corn platter" that appeared on the iron plate was a summer-like dish that makes you feel like you are having a barbecue.

Even though it's Tokyo Station, it's a superb beer terrace!

If you summarize the recommended points again, it looks like this!

  1. Location that is easy to gather from anywhere because it is Tokyo Station
  2. Terrace seats with a green atmosphere in the building area
  3. Not crowded and hidden

I think it's the best place for those who like to relax in the city at noon! Please try it on a sunny day.

Shop information for "Tokyo Beer Hall & Beer Terrace 14"

Store name
Tokyo Beer Hall & Beer Terrace 14
phone number
Street address
1-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi Eiraku Building 2F
business hours

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