If you see for the first time these six people! TikTok addiction I choose, it's too cute Tik Toker Conclusion

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Tik Tok famous for that "rascal advertisement" that everyone has seen on Youtube and Twitter.

I used to think that it was ridiculous before and I thought "I do not download Tik Tok something!", But now it's completely settled and he is definitely a super heavy user who is watching 30 minutes each day.

If I was watching Tik Tok without writing a blog in May, it was quite detailed while I was not aware. For this time, I would like to introduce six Tik Tokers who are too cute to choose for those who say "I have not seen Tik Tok yet"!

Because it was truly carefully selected, if you looked at someone of these six people surely any person would like Tik Tok. It is such a confident line-up.

Well then!

1. Each

Each student who was chosen as Japan's pretty cute girls high school girl MISCON 2017-2018.

During the contest, I gave TikTok the most aggressively among the candidates. Whether it was triggered by the popularity or not, everyone is convinced that the result of the high school girl Miscon Grand Prix is ​​satisfactory!

Elegant eyes and double tooth, healing will be heard everyday for the cuteness with close affinity. It is a neat JK that the word of angel suits. It is too cute.

2. Watanabe Risa

Speaking of Tik Tok, Lisa Watanabe. Everyone seems to have seen it on advertisements on Twitter and Youtube! She is still 16 years old though she is such an adult.

Lisa, a pioneer of Tik Tok, is no longer artistic in how to process and shoot videos. Although it is as short as 15 seconds, each one seems to be a work, there is addiction that you want to replay many times.

It also changes hairstyle, hair color, make-up, so it is one of the pleasure to see lots of lisa-chan. It is a feeling that it is unique to popular people who collaborate with various Tik Tokers and give videos. Anyway it looks small.

3. Marina

Romania and Japanese half - 16 - year - old transcendent girl! ! I am doing Tik Tok with my older sister Erika-chan.

My sister is also Cool-based beauty, but my recommendation is still my sister Marina. (It is not a pedophile.)

It is lovely with Sauce and Red Lip, but the place where you change face usually is the best. Dance and lip sync are also nice, but the video of the control system with serif system · older sister is recommended!

I became a fan of this sister on Marina's PUMP movie. It may be my favorite movie on Tik Tok's video!

Four. Hinata

Hinata the youngest of all this entry! It is ultra strongest Tik Toker who is a small 6 follower and one million followers.

Elementary and junior high school students are worshiped as being divine in Tik Tok. Its charm is the facial expression that changes and the goodness of the choreography. Hinata is the strongest charisma creator who creates cute choreography that anyone can do with music.

I smile Kusha smile is too cute so I really want really to see! Tik Tok 's influencer is attractive regardless of primary school students!

Recently he has also been active as Youtuber and frequently posts videos for elementary and junior high school students. Take a look because it collaborates with Youtuber quite famous ...!

Five. Nishimura Kannoe

If you say a short cut girl you, Nishimura Ryokurochan! If I thought that sparkling eyes and slippery skin are so beautiful that I can not think like an ordinary person, the main business seems to be an idol after all.

While JK is a lot on Tik Tok, as I have released a different aura after all, it should stop looking at me as soon as I see the timeline.

Men's uke seems better than girls' uke, there are a lot of intentional videos. But it is really cute so I can forgive how much I can be swayed, I would rather apprentice cute.

I'm always looking at the man's eyes with this adult cute girl as she is the best.

6. Lokoko

Pretty cute little twin Riko chan. It boasted tremendous popularity since Mix Channel, but it seems that Tik Tok also started recently!

Because Rikiko are real twins, we are good at twin dance with breath. I can not tell it much because my body and face are exactly the same. Tik Tok is a solo solo and there are no twin dance culture, so it is fresh on the contrary.

It is always cute with a different color or matching clothing, hair arrangement also. You can see the high quality Tik Tok with twin breath!

I know that it is inadvertent but I will see for hours

Yes, cute Tik Toker recommended for beginners Conclusion, how was it!

There are a lot of children really want to introduce, but when carefully selected for beginners, they became 6 people! As a result, although famous children gathered together, I think that it is natural that content is also interesting as much as there is a follower.

I've never seen Tik Tok yet, although I know it is time consuming and I know it! People should look at these six people first. I think I'm hooked while I do not know!

See you soon!

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