I am a member of a society talk about "TikTok's distinctive youth culture"

Hello, it's helicopter! Two months have passed since I am addicted to Tik Tok.
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Tik Tok boasts an explosive popularity mainly in high school students, but now I feel that recognition as a second boom has expanded to the generation of social workers (other than the target) like us.

I have also seen similar applications like Mix Channel and, but these two do notTik Tok unique youth cultureI know that there is.

· Those who want to know the current youth situation
· Tik Tok Recently began seeing

I would like to introduce the current high school student culture situation for such people!
Since it is my eyes, please let me know if I am in the wrong direction.

Tik Tok 3 unique youth culture

1. Off party by popular Tik Toker

The interesting part of Tik Tok is where the exchange is real in real. Jumping out of the video application, Tiktoker and others are often off meeting.

The popular Tik Tokers have decided the schedule and gathered, and they are taking Gorigori and Tik Tok. Its completion is considerably high.

In addition, a popular man Tik Toker often holds an off party for fans. What is worrisome is the rate at which the off-party is canceled.

I do off-off meetings in public places and parks, but they are often canceled on the way because fans (girls junior high school students) are rushing and do not follow the rules every time anyway.

First of all, I am amazed at how many fans gather for one individual. Female junior high school student fans want to have a picture and a handshake with men Tik Toker, so they are chaotic anyway.

Also, since Tik Toker, which is not in the office, is managed by one person from planning off-campaign to implementation, it will be impossible to control. Because the videos that are being watched by the police are also going up well, it is good to borrow off the place soon after off-meeting.

2. Friends who take pictures of schoolchildren / beautiful girls

There are many professional accounts that reflect not a self-portrait but a scholar's handsome / beautiful friend. It suddenly turns the camera to the child, until a trouble is a series of flows.

It is OK to bring a smartphone to school (high school), Tik TokThat is why it is a culture that makes it possible.

Since the children reflected are only handsome guys and beautiful girls that everyone is convinced with, comments such as "cool"! "" Cute! "" I want to see more! " It will accelerate (lol)

As there are few cases when a handsome twinkie / beautiful woman opens his / her own account, the number of followers of the camouflaging friends increases steadily.

When it's handsome, "Shuchikichi", Konbaba "Baba" is famous anywhere! "Shuchikichi" is really popular enough to jack recommendation.

3. Handshake instead TikTok

This is the most surprising thing for the first time in Tik Tok.

There is a popular Tik Toker, but those people are no less enthusiastic than anyhow enthusiastic fans. It is a pleasant thing to meet that person from the fans in the city, but what you do thereInstead of shaking hands and signs Tik Tok (lol)

Huh? I guess you will. How much Tik Tok to meet with the people I met for the first time Japanese young people now have a high community!

Fan "Ah ~ ~! ◯◯ chan! I like it! I am always cheering!"
Tik toker "Thank you!"
Fan "Can you take a picture of that famous △ △, together?"
Tik toker "Okay! Let me live with a smartphone!"
Fan "Eh ~ I'm so happy! Thank you !!"

Zuncha, Zuccha ~ ♫

Fan "Thank you very much ~ ~ ~ cry"
Tik toker "No, hey!"

Is it such a feeling (※ it is predicted to the last)

Communicative ability to tell people to take movies together for the first time is amazing and it is not easy to do without practicing that dance usually.

I started Tik Tok

So, when I also met my favorite Tik Toker "Hinata" chan, I have to practice from my usual practice! I thought and started Tik Tok.

I think that it will come out when searching "working TikToker" or "pirorikin" so please follow me!



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