Convenient usage of the application "Tastime" that you can find instant cafe Conclusion

SNS instructed cafe which became indispensable for the lives of girls! Do you know that there are apps that can easily find photogenic cafes?

We will introduce "Tastime" that you do not need to search every time on Google!
It is an excellent super application that can be used when women, as well as men, decide what to go when they date her!

What is "Tastime"?

TastimeAnd a gourmet app that finds a photogenic shop!

Using the official API of Instagram, you can find a photogenic shop from the interior, exterior and meal photographs. (Published only in Tokyo and Osaka as of August 2017 ※)

Because it ranks shops by the number of posts of Instagram, it is structured so that you can easily find a popular shop with many posts in the instant! This is really convenient!

Tastime works in conjunction with the account of Inst. You can use it as soon as you log in with the account you want to DL and cooperate with the application!

How to use Tastime by scene Summary 3 Selection

This time I tried summarizing how to use Tastime by scene!
Since there are various search methods, try using Tastime according to the scene ♫

① Fashionable cafe for beginners

"I want to go to a cute cafe this weekend,Wonder if somewhere is okay ~
"I'd like to eat fancy gourmet in Tokyo sightseeing,I do not quite know the name of the place!

Fashion cafe beginner intuitively choose where you want to go from the picture!
On the home screen"Today's Pickup"Ten recommended photogenic cafes are uploaded everyday.



The place where this pickup is very stylish, so if you go to the cafe on here, there is no doubt the instant shot ◎

When you tap, details will be displayed with this kind of kanji.


  • business hours
  • phone number
  • map
  • Posting other user's instances

You can see the information of the store, such as.
It is okay for other user's posting posts to know the appearance and other menus!



② for places you want to go to, intermediate for those who have decided on the genre you want to eat

Near this nowIs not it a fashionable cafe? "
"Next week's date,Italian in OmotesandoI want to go "

If the specific "place", "genre of food", "amount of money", "scene" are decidedSqueeze through the search tabAnd recommended.

For example, narrowing down by "Omotesando" "Italian" "Date" will give out fashionable Italian properly in this way! It is not too breakthrough! What?



And Personally Tastime The most useful feature"In order from the current location"I think whether it is.

Because I will investigate on site without plans, the ability to find nearby shops at your starting point is truly appreciated!


③ For advanced expert who keep grasping gourmet which is constantly set up

"From ordinaryCollection of information on cafes I would like to go with the Inst Save function
We go on a weekly photogenic cafe!

Advanced photojenny experts! Everyone likes Tastime as wellFavorite functionLet's take advantage of it!

You can favorite shoes by pushing the peco-chan mark in the middle of the page.


If you save it when you have time, you can display it as a list of shops you want to go to My Page.



Looking at only this, it seems to be "Is not it OK with the Save function of the Instant?",
Even my page has features that sort themselves from where I am in order of closeness! ! I really appreciate it! ! (Second time)


Notation of this place, if it is not a 2 km table or a 10 min walk or something, I wonder if it will be easier to see.
By the way, I think that it is more convenient than the preservation function of the instant because it can see the opening hours and the budget feeling etc. in the list.


Tastime Conclusion

Characteristics of Tastime It is irritating!

  1. Gourmet app specialized for finding photogenic gourmet
  2. I can find a fancy cafe near the place where I am now
  3. Favorite restaurant can be saved with favorite function

How was it! What?
Tastime application downloadHereFrom
Go ahead ぇ ぇ ぇ じ ぇ ぇ ぇ (^ ◇ ^)


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