Photo walk participation for the first time! Takeko San Tokyo It was so much fun!

I wrote it in the previous article, I am a beginner of the camera, I participated in the photo walk for the first time!

To those who are doubtful about buying a camera. You should go to the photo walk instead of a home electronics mass retailer # Take sanpo Tokyo |

Now that I've finished, there is a lingering finish that I had a pleasant time to commute to work on the photo walk (laugh)

Takeko San in Tokyo

Once a half-year pace Somewhere in Japan, photograph walking is a photo walk "Takeko San". The 3 rd party has resigned and is participating in Tokyo.

Equipment was like this!

Nikon's D5100 (18-55 mm f / 3.5 - 5.6 G)
 ∟35 mm f / 1.8 G
It is a picture

Sapporo Course where you can enjoy all the streets, overseas, forests and the sea

The sandwich course which I enjoyed over 6 hours of the day from 11: 00 to 17: 00 was here!

· City (Shinbashi from Tokyo Station)
· Overseas (Italian street)
· Forest (Hamarikyū Imperial Garden)
· Ocean (Harumi wharf)

It was the best walking course filled with various faces of Tokyo tightly!

I will introduce 36 photos taken while actually walking (occasionally using a train or a taxi).

Town Tokyo @ Tokyo station - Shimbashi

He starts from Tokyo Station!

Marunouchi area where there was nothing we had only been lunch or shopping all the time. I wanted to take a picture forever!

It was my first experience to "take a picture" with a person, so I took it while imitating what everyone else's camera is in front of.

Just walking with people who are accustomed to photography makes me learn that "There is such a place for such eyes".

I feel that there are miscellaneous feelings around Yurakucho.

Hibiya is too trendy, I do not know how to shoot it. I was taking the sky all the time. Lol

Hiromu who walked the photo together. It's amazing to be blue fancy coat!

Hiraoka and Hiromu. Two of the fashion bloggers, even the wall of Shimbashi will be quite a picture.

Shimbashi and the corridor streets are a bit messy and I usually do not approach much, but when I try walking like this in the daytime I notice the goodness.

Italian town Tokyo @ Shiodome Italian street

I walked from Shimbashi to Shiodome, and after we ate pizza we went to the Italian street.

Although it was Italy smaller than I expected, (laugh) I got a new discovery that there is such a place in Tokyo.

Forest Tokyo @ Hamarikyu Gorge

Hamarikyu Imperial Garden which is soon from Shiodome. Although I only took a stroll around the outer border, I am satisfied with the reflection of ginkgo biloba.

Everyone who tried together.

Takeko has a high male participation rate, so I was a woman alone in the same team but everyone was just a good person I love pictures.

Sea of Tokyo @ Harumi Pier

And the last spot is Harumi Wharf.

This was a "spectacular shooting spot" unanimously unanimous in group 4. The breathtaking scenery spread as soon as I arrived ...!

"Uyuni salt lake in Tokyo -!"

Everyone was excited about reflection reflected on the surface of the water and was shutting the shutter.

The iron tower is also cool and the best.

Everyone in the 4 groups shooting people taking a picture. Lol
I was happy that it would be fun to take a walk with people who love pictures.

Because the sun has fallen, both the Harumi wharf and the Bye bye.

Is it an apartment construction? When thinking it was the construction of the athlete village of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Season is launched by everyone @ Akihabara

The 10 teams who were walking apart are gathered at Akihabara at the end.

Beer shot with a 400,000 yen lens that Shimu-san lent me. Can you melt like this? What is blurred. Because it was a waste lens for me, I gently returned. Lol

At the second meeting, God correspondence that Amime uses the OLYMPUS OM - D EM - 5 all the time. She is a handsome guy who is saying "You can put your SD and use as much as you want!"

Pictures actually taken.

I really appreciate being able to actually try this way. I realized that I was firmly blurred and I did not shake hands at all.

It was launched from the photo walk, until the second meeting ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

I will have so much fun with photos again! It was a happy day I thought. Even on a small scale, I want to keep going on photo walks!

Takeshi who did the project, thank you very much everyone of the secretary.

People who have gone together

We took a walk together for the day, everyone in the 4th group is here.

· Yuta
· Akiran (
· Hiromu (Mr. Hiromu)
· Kee / keeclip (
· Shirasu salad (s)
· Tommy

The back of everyone @ Harumi Wharf. I'm glad I could run around with this group.

▼ Everyone in the same team's "Takeshi sanpo" article is here!

Even though we are going through the same course, please check the taste of the photo and the place of eyes are different! Everyone is really pleased with the pictures!

Also, I have gotten out as a subject. Lol

# Takeshi Tokyo I took a photo walk with my friends in Tokyo. | DRESS CODE. (Dress Code) - Men's Fashion Blog -

Large photo walk event # Takeshi Po Tokyo's wonderful encounter and great impression gained in Tokyo |




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