I should have charged Spotify Premium more quickly. High sound quality is amazing.

Free streaming service "Spotify"

I have been using it since I landed in Japan, but I used it for free for a while.

I accidentally accused him for charging the other day,Premium members are very good! ! !It is good enough to think why I did not charge sooner. (It's not a stem)

So this time, I will summarize the points that I'm glad to be "Spotify Premium".

Incidentally, the difference in plan is like this.

Quote:What kind of subscription is available? - Spotify

Reason why it was still Spotify Free

The reason why it was Spotify Free for two years is simply because "billing was troublesome".

Spotify has a lead to "Spotify Premium" in the application, there is no member registration function (CTA) on the landing page (laugh)

Oh it became awkward, I always left it.

Reason for making Spotify Premium

So why did you make it Premium because you noticed "Spotify, do not use everyday".

Although I charge for Netflix and note which I do not use everyday, I noticed that it is strange that I have not charged for services I use absolutely every day.

I thought that it would be cheap at 980 yen a month (about 30 yen a day) if you could listen to music with high sound quality.

Points good for Spofity Premium

These three points were really good for Sportify Premium.

① Advertisement is not
② Play your favorite tracks at any time
③ High sound quality

Is it comfortable to be able to listen to only favorite songs with no advertising! I realized it for the first time with Premium

This already can not return to Spotify Free.

Do you have a high sound quality setting properly?

And the best thing about making it Premium,③ It became high sound quality. As compared with Free, the sound quality has improved much better!

However, this "high sound quality function"After upgrading to Premium it will not be nature, it will not be high quality if you do not set it yourselfSo maybe there are many people who do not know ...?

Normally it is "automatic (recommendation)", so I am changing to "the best sound quality".

Even listening on the speaker I do not understand the difference so much, but I heard it when hearing with the earphone because it sounds super clear!

I want to try offline playback as soon as possible

Besides, with PremiumAll-you-can-eat music where the net is not connectedIt 's also a nice point. I can not quite try it because there are so many things that the net can not connect.

Actually it has only been a few days to Premium, but I realize that it is completely different just because I got high sound quality.

Spotify Premium is recommended because it improves the quality of time of daily music!



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