I like buckwheat noodles! I want you to eat "Soba-sa" in Kojimachi, a standing eatery gourmet soba

Hello! I usually work in Kojimachi (on the left side of the Imperial Palace).

Have you ever been to Kojimachi (Hanzomon)? I don't think there are so many people who bother to come because it is an office district. I mean, I don't come because there is nothing ... lol

but! There are soba restaurants in Kojimachi that are so delicious that I want them to come all the way to Kojimachi for this purpose! I really want you to come!

Famous for gourmet entertainers Mr. Watanabe of Un-Jash , Gourmet Entertainer Foreign Deb Hasshi I also recommend "Sobausa" in Kojimachi I will introduce you!

It's a 1-minute walk from Hanzomon Station, but the location is difficult to understand.

"Sobausa" in Kojimachi is a 1-minute walk from Hanzomon Station and a 3-minute walk from Kojimachi Station. However, because it is in the back alley, it is very difficult to understand at first!

And I'm sorry for the confusing pictures I took at night (laughs)
When you see the white sign of "Sobausa", the white door shining in the back is Sobausa!

It looks like this when approaching. The white exterior is American and fashionable, but it seems that the soba rabbit "Rabbit" is not from the rabbit but from USA!

Even though it is a standing eater, this popularity

It is a style to buy a meal ticket first.
The menu on the left is available all day. The right side is a night-only menu after 17:00.

If you take a closer look at the menu, you'll understand ...

・ Stamina cold soba
・ Basil cold soba
・ Nori sesame cold soba

Then, the so-called "evolutionary gourmet soba" that is different from ordinary soba is the melon! (And this is super good)

And "Sobausa" is a standing-eating style. I'm not good at standing up, but it's still addictive enough to make me want to come.

Even though the store is about to close on weekday nights (around 20:30), isn't this great success? You want to eat it on your way home from work.

I choose! Recommended menu of Sobausa!

I'm talking about soba noodles on the 2nd of the month, and I'll introduce the recommended menu!

① Basil cold soba

The most famous "Basil cold soba" on the signboard menu of this shop. This is the first menu that people who come to Sobausa for the first time should eat!

As the name suggests, it is a Western-style style with soba in basil soup. It is topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and other items that are unlikely to match with soba. The scrambled eggs are sweet, but the basil soup is refreshing and delicious.

When I eat it for the first time, I'm surprised that "Is this soba ...!?" Mysterious addiction that chopsticks progress steadily There is. The buckwheat is thick and has a satisfying taste, so a normal serving is enough. Rather, I'm pretty full.

Be careful of your teeth after eating, as it will be filled with basil. Lol

② Stamina beef tendon cold soba

My favorite and recommended menu is "Stamina Beef Tendon Cold Soba". I want to eat meat together! This is recommended for those who have guts liney needs.

A large serving of chopped seaweed and sweet and spicy beef tendon toppings! It doesn't look good on Instagram, but as the name suggests, it's a perfect stamina dish. The sweet soup is delicious and also highly addictive.

If you add raw eggs to the soup from the middle, you can enjoy a different taste with the addition of mellowness. The taste is quite strong and it has a lot of volume, so it is highly recommended when you are hungry.

③ Stamina cold mixed soba

I've eaten the soba rabbit menu to some extent! "Stamina cold mixed soba" is recommended for those who are intermediate or above.

A style of eating by mixing various ingredients such as seaweed, beef tendon, green onions, mustard, dried bonito, and the soup at the bottom!

It doesn't contain as much beef tendon as the "stamina beef tendon cold soba" introduced in ②, but it has a lot of volume and you can enjoy various ingredients.

If you are accustomed to buckwheat noodles and want a little change ball, please try this! I think it's the perfect menu for summer!

Worth to visit Kojimachi for Sobausa!

It's really delicious and the people in my company go really well! There is nothing in Kojimachi, but it is worth coming to Kojimachi for Sobausa! Lol

If you love soba or want to eat unusual gourmet food, please try it!

see you!

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