【Blog management】 September PV number / number of articles. Thirty thousand PVs have come to be seen!

Hello! This is the manager of Gobiburogu.
It ’s October, so it ’s time for the “September Review Blog”.

One month ago, I wrote this in a retrospective blog in August ...

5 updates a week!
Since August was not reached, we will do our best in week 5 in September! If this is not possible, it will be ugly ...

I updated 5 blogs a week! !

And The number of PV is the highest ever, and the number of articles is also the highest ever . I will look back on September.

< table of contents >
①September results
② What was good in September
(3) Reflections in September
(4) Target for October

①September results

・ PV number
27,022PV (August: 21,994 PV)

・ Number of articles
21 articles (August: 14 articles)

・ Number of external media contributions
1 article (August: 3 articles)

Only 0.2mm! It tried using “wraplus” which protects the gadget stylishly – hintos

Since the target number of PV was 23,000 PV, Achieved an additional 4,000 PV Was done!

② What was good in September

・ Update 5 blogs a week for the first time!

August was not achieved, updated 5 times a week. I want to achieve September in any way! I thought, and wrote it anyway!

Since there were two 3 consecutive holidays, it was a brilliant technique to pack 2-3 articles on the weekend, but it was achieved.

There were a few times I felt honest and confident, but I was confident that I could do it Connected.

After that, if you do the amount, the writing speed will follow. Growing every month!

・ Let's read articles aimed at

Articles that I wrote that I thought "I will definitely read this!" Have come to be read.

In particular, this campsite blog is an article that has received quite a response from people who are not followers on SNS. More than 800 people have seen it since the release!

Log house charter is 3,500 yen per person. There is pizza kiln, river. A two-hour super campsite from Shinjuku is dangerous! |

I was glad that some people actually made reservations ...

(3) Reflections in September

・ I tend to postpone review articles

This is a bad thing for me regardless of September, but it's hard to open a thing even if I buy it, and there is a habit of leaving the review a month later.

I want to keep it updated as soon as I bought it, when I went, and when I thought, so I want to deliver fresh information. (By the way, I wrote the camp article as soon as I came back!)

(4) Target for October

・ Make an article that goes 1,000PV!

I will write more articles that can be read like camp articles! More than 100 articles I want to be particular about quality.

・ Updated 4 times a week

In October, I'd like to concentrate more on my main business, and I'll drop it into 4 articles a week to focus on the quality of each blog. Week 5 is a bit tight so I will do my best at my own pace.

`` 30,000 PV within 2018 '' I have set a goal, but I can see the achievement.

I'd like to support you in October, so I want to go there without worrying about it!



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