【Seoul Overtaking Recommended Airbnb Accommodation】 I stayed at a Korean house with a history of 100 years!

How are you looking for accommodation for your trip?
I think it's common to use Jalan and Expedia to search for recommendations and cheap lodgings.

If I travel a lot, I want to stay in a local place instead of a hotel So I often use Airbnb.

The other day I was looking for an inn on Airbnb when I was planning to stay 3 days in Korea. "This is the Korea inn!" Superb Airbnb property full of local feelings I will share it this time.

I will report on the interior and equipment that can be understood because I actually stayed!

・ I was going to go to Korea!
・ I was looking for a good destination for travel!
・ What are Airbnb properties? A little anxious!

I want this kind of person to read it. Airbnb coupon URL for 3,700 yen Please read until the end.

table of contents

1.Appearance and room tour

2. What are the amenities and services?

3.1 Night charge

4. Access and security

5. Host support

6. Summary (A nice place / A place where I was a little worried)

1.Appearance and room tour

This Airbnb inn is located near Gyeongbokgung station, about an hour by bus from Incheon Airport.

Arrived by one bus!

It ’s amazing!

Somehow it looks Korean. This can be expected quite a bit.

The house key is a numeric keypad on the touch panel, so I will open it with the number that I taught in advance. Security is doubled with "pass code to enter house" and "padlock of room", perfect.

And open a heavy door! ! !

Wow, that ’s Korea. ! !

Hyoooo! ! ! (Photo Pasha Pasha)

I'm sorry, I'm upset.

How about. Do you want to stay here at this point?
I fell in love with this appearance and booked it immediately.

I stayed this time Vinehouse, 100-year-old Traditional Family Room Airbnb's inn.

Renovating the Han family, which has been used for 100 years, makes you feel like you are back in time.

The end of this slightly open door is the room. There were 3 such private rooms in all.


Inside the room is a simple one-room + bathroom / toilet structure.

Some people may feel that it is about 6 tatami mats, but there was room for two carry cases even if two futons were laid.

There are Korean houses for baths and toilets There is a shower next to the toilet . The water pressure in the shower was no problem.

There is a courtyard and living room where you can relax.

And here is the share space. It will be a place where everyone staying at the guesthouse can use it.


Living room with Korean books and guidebooks. There was a huge desk where guests could freely eat and read books.


And my favorite was the courtyard space. There is a courtyard as surrounded by rooms, but there are lots of greenery and flowers.

It was the best time to drink coffee slowly until I woke up and woke up!

2. What are the amenities and services?

I'm worried about Airbnb, "Is it possible to receive the same services as a hotel?" Amenities and services vary from property to property, so there is a check required.

Free breakfast and coffee

This guest house offers a daily Korean breakfast menu. When we stopped, bibimbap rice cake, miso soup, kimchi and apples.

This is handmade. It was really delicious.

And since coffee and tea were also free, I decided to use a cool Korean coffee machine. If I couldn't read Korean and was wondering where to go, the host kindly told me.

Towel change

Because it is bulky, the towel situation that you want to avoid is perfect. He changed face towels and bath towels every day.

This guesthouse did not come with "toothbrush" and "pajamas", but "towels" and "dryer" were provided well so I was able to spend it without any inconvenience.

3. Price for 1 night

It seems that it is quite expensive, but it is exceptional at 5,000 yen per person per night!

It's quite fat to stay at a Hanok, close to sightseeing spots, and have a Korean breakfast service.

Seoul hotels are a little more expensive, so Airbnb is recommended if you can do this.

If you have never experienced Airbnb, you can get a coupon for 3,700 yen by flying from my invitation URL! I can get 1,900 yen, so let's rub half!

Click here for my Airbnb invitation URL ↓

4. Access and security

How to access?

In conclusion, access is the best!

8 minutes walk from the station and 2 minutes walk from the bus stop, access to various sightseeing spots is outstanding. In addition, since there are historical sightseeing spots such as “Samcheong-dong” and “Gyeongbokgung Palace” within walking distance, you can enjoy it without having to go far away.

The slope of this photo spot “Samcheong-dong” is also about 15-20 minutes walk, so it was great.

How about security?

The security was very good. Perhaps because wealthy people live around Gyeongbokgung Station, There was no problem even if I returned home around 24 o'clock every day.

Because it was a residential area, it was quiet and nice with no noise.

5. Host support

Even if the property or access is good, the host is concerned. Airbnb communicates with the host after making a reservation, so one of the important criteria is whether or not you can feel comfortable.

Immediate and safe at any time

Minha, the host, made a reservation until he arrived Anyway, immediately less was! When I wanted to know something, I got a reply and got home without hesitation.

Beautiful and gentle

I actually met him and he was very beautiful and kind. The nearby Samgyetang, which taught me about the sightseeing spots and rice fields around me and recommended them, was superb.

With 755 reviews, it ’s star 5 and it ’s not wrong!

6. Summary (A nice place / A place where I was a little worried)

The property was generally too good, but in the end again "A nice place" "A little bit" I will summarize.

Good place

  • Stay in a traditional house
  • access
  • Security
  • Charge
  • Host support
  • Delicious breakfast included

The good part is as I have written so far, so I won't supplement it.

△ A little bit of anxiety

  • insect
  • Close to shower and toilet


There is also a garden in the middle, making it easier for insects to enter. However, it's not at the level where I can't be bothered.

Close to shower and toilet

In addition to this property, the shower and toilet are close to any Korean house! From a Japanese point of view, it ’s close enough to think that there is no shower space!

It's a good idea to wipe it when it gets wet, but that's what you want! If you are a person, we recommend that you stay in a solid hotel.

It was a really nice property to actually stay and see.
If you have a chance to go to Korea, please stay here!

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