Recommended for those who are not good at morning! We used Saborino's morning mask for 1 month so review

Hello! About cosmetics, it is flat with no knowledge at all.

As for beauty, it is quite scarce, and I am always getting information with reference to the movie of beauty system Youtuber. I particularly like seeing that person's "MUST BUY" and "good news ranking" in order to obtain information efficiently.

The other day on Yuuko's Youtube"I do not want to tell you the best cosmetics in the first half of 2018 ♡!"Looking at the video that says, there are items that I got at Amazon quickly.

(Yuuko is cute ...)

I actually purchased it and used it for a month, so I would like to review it!

· What is Saborino mask for morning?

While Yuuko introduced various things as a best cosmetics in the first half of 2018, the item I care about is here!

Saborino (Saborino) morning mask 28 pieces ~ Kiwi Yogurt fragrance ~ ¥ 1,402

Yes, it is a face mask for the morning! It is a handy item that cleanses skin care, moisture base is completed in 60 seconds.

Yukoko"Shakiun is a refreshing feeling to wake up! Easy chin without washing your face!"It is said that this one is perfect for me who is not good at morning! I thought and purchased immediately.

The concept of Saborino (Saborino), "I want to be beautiful, but I really want to skip a lot more" is also a lot of empathy. As for beauty, I would like to finish it with the necessary minimum amount of time.

Because it is not individual packaging, it is a type that opens and removes one by one like a tissue. I used this type of pack for the first time, but it is pretty easy!

Since it is 28 pieces, it is about 50 yen per sheet. If you use one each day, you can use it within 1 month.

It's super easy to use. Remove the mask, stick it for 60 seconds, fold and put it, you can make it as it is ~ flow.

I actually tried using the Saborino mask from the morning

I actually tried using Saborino mask!

I took out a mask from the package like this. Lol

I think that the pack of individual packages is moist enough for the serum to drippble, but the pack of Saborino is just right.

So I actually tried using it. Lol

I have not made it look at all at all,I feel comfortable at the highest refreshing feeling to be sucks!

Because of the high menthol feeling, even if I am relieved after getting up, I get a gradual awakening as it fits coolly at the moment I put the mask on my face. At first it is too cool, stimulation is too strong! What? I was worried, but I am used to it.

I am not good at pasting, or because the air enters in some places, it does not feel completely sticky, but it covers the entire face!

It is written as "Washing-up, as it is, washing your face", but I am using it after washing with water! I have lifted all my hair with a hair band so that I can cover the forehead as well.

Looking from the side like this, it is the size that can cover up to the edge of the face. I can not cover the nostrils for a moment, so I can cover the mouth completely!

After 60 seconds, after that, make-up is done as it is without putting lotion and milky lotion etc. I also folded packs that I finished using, fold the entire face, and then wipe my arms and legs.

Because the menthol feeling remains, the whole body is clean and even more comfortable. I feel like switching on by doing this pack from morning and continue like every day.

Saborino impression that I tried a morning seat for one month

About 1 month passed after I purchased the Saborino mask and used it almost every day.

To summarize the impressions ...

· Became a nice switch for waking up in the morning!
· Because I pack from morning, I feel like my makeup has improved.
· I started to keep early in the morning to make a pack in the morning!

I think that the part of belief completely is also big, but I feel that pretty aesthetics have increased considerably among myself by doing "morning pack" which I had not done so far.

I got acne with pretty short sleeping one month ago but when I thought that I wanted to pack on beautiful skin I began to keep going to bed. It's kind of a nice comb, so I'm thinking a bit about beauty.

A sense of coolness also becomes a good switch in the morning, so if you are not good at morning ~ those who wish you want to use it regardless of gender.

Because you can buy it on Amazon!
Amazon | Eye color Sheet fresh fruit white type | Saborino (saborino) 



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