I bought an OLYMPUS camera with paypay! Discount and breaking reviews!

finally! I bought a camera!

After worries, the last choice was OLYMPUS OM-D EM-5 MarkⅡ

I want to use it as soon as possible, so I'll open it for review! I'll write another blog about why I chose EM-5.

I paid 20% off paypay, so I was able to buy it at the right time, so I will write about how cheap it was.

Opening ceremony

box! Cool! I slept together yesterday!

Box in box! I also like the simple black design too.

open! The inside is also black! I love black!

The accessory looks like this. I didn't see it here, but I bought a filter together.

The jet-black body is too handsome

And the body, nothing more to say.

The matte black color is really cool.

A PRO lens costs about 100,000 per unit, but thank you for attaching it as a set. It's 12-40 mm waterproof and drip-proof, so it's 2.8 through.

Body and lens...

United! !! !!

When combined, it became even cooler and I liked it even more.

Good looking even from the front.

It looks cool from behind, right? !! (There are many buttons that you don't need on the right)

Overall, I am very satisfied with how cool it is.

how much you paid with paypay

This time I paid with paypay, but as a result About 41,000 yen floated!

If you went to BicCamera every weekend and have been shooting the price of the camera you care about recently, I was able to take a picture when it happened to be 16,000 yen cheaper than the store price.

After negotiating the price based on that, the BicCamera store price of 141,642 yen was 125,550 yen, and 20% off of paypay was applied.

We were able to purchase em-5 for 141,642 yen for virtually 100,440 yen!

Thank you paypay! Thank you for taking photos in the past!

So I'm happy to do some good shopping! Then I'll start using it today!



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