Youtube 5 choice I personally recommend for super good Youtube addiction!

Hello! I love Youtube who watches Youtube for 1 hour every day.

Youtuber has a variety of genres, from material to beauty. If I find it interesting, I register more and more regardless of genre and look across!

What I want to introduce this time is not a storyline Youtuber (Tokai On Air, Hajime Shacho, etc.) A useful Youtuber specialized in the genre of the person's specialty.

We selected Youtuber who was not only useful but also interesting and well edited. It ’s just a person who says “I ’m not going to talk about it!

① Hoshinoko CH (storage / cleaning system)

First, Hoshinoko-chan from Hoshinoko CH (channel)!

Based on Hoshinoko's personal life, I'm introducing storage methods, cleaning, cooking, etc ... Anyway Housewife power is too high! ! !

It's quicker to see the video, but storage and cleaning are perfection that I can't think of as ordinary people.

Shiny anywhere in the house such as a washroom, kitchen, toilet, and living room I'm impressed with the great effort behind the scenes.

If you do n’t have a feeling of life, or if you want to keep your house tidy, this is a pretty helpful channel.


The second person is Disney Youtuber Ainyan!

Disney Year Pass 7th Year Ainyan . We will go to Disney to tell you about seasonal events, photo spots and attractions.

The boyfriend Ko-chan is involved in video, so the quality of photos and videos is very cute! The quality is similar to a TV program.

Energetic and natural Ayanyan and friendly Ko-chan's interaction is also relaxed. Only information that can be conveyed because it is a year pass couple. Check NYANTUBE for seasonal information on Disney!

③ momona Korean students (Korean tourist attractions and information)

The third is momona who is studying abroad in Korea!

I understand because I'm an international student, Introducing Korea's deep sightseeing spots and insta-cafe He has done it.

We recommend the interesting and tempo-talking skills that are unique to Kansai people. It ’s very cute, The first person is “eagle”, the talk is appropriate, the editing is miscellaneous and there are many things.

Check it out before you go on a trip to Korea! The more you watch the video, the more attractive you will be momona-chan.

④Sena Kurumaya (beauty / diet)

The fourth person is a male beauty Youtuber, Sena Kurumaya!

I don't have much interest in beauty, so I don't look at beauty Youtube, Sena is watching the talk because he has a lot of talk! And handsome! (← important)

Not stemmer He / she introduces only really good thing to use So there is credit. The recommended reason is to explain the “components” and “effects” in detail, so it will be well studied.

Although it has only been about a year since Youtube, there are over 200,000 registered Youtubers.

⑤Biling girl English conversation (English conversation)

Lastly, Youtuber everyone knows, Chika, a bilingual girl!

A channel where Seattle's returnee Chika teaches English with Japanese & English.

Not English conversation as you learn at school, There are many practical things such as "how to order at a restaurant" and "check-in at a hotel" .

In particular, the exchange videos with Chloe (an American friend) are almost in English, so you can study just by listening!

I've been watching it for a long time, but it has good stability, usefulness, and clean editing!

If you have a good idea, follow us!

How would you like to personally recommend useful Youtuber? I'm completely looking at myself, but I'm choosing people who really can really recommend it!

Look at the videos that you have posted, and more! If you have any questions, please subscribe to the channel!

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