25 stores in Kanto. I love fruit sand lovers "Delicious fairy tale."

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Recently only articles about gourmet series are updated. It is gone lost in "Application Information Blog for Girls" at all, so I'm planning to change the concept soon! Today I also met a nice shop called Sandwich House "Delicious fairy tale."

It is my first time to learn about myself this time but it is said that we have 25 stores in the Kanto region. By all means, I want you to know the goodness and deliciousness of the fairy tale's assortment so I decided to blog it!

This time I went to Omiya station of Saitama Prefecture "Delicious fairy tale." Whether it is located at the nearest stationA list of fairy tale storesPlease check it out!

Delicious fairy tale. Omiya station store is in a ticket gate

"Sandwich house tasty fairy tale. Omiya station store" is in the wicket of Omiya station. There was always a queue in front of a red shop where Shirokuma was written.

Since the queue is made, I can not see the showcase at all until I buy it, and I am excited with the fun that I do not know what is there.

The sandwiches are appearing as the order starts to change gradually! There are so many types of abundance as there are so many.

In the top row is a sweet sandwich. A side dish sandwiches is served in the 2nd to 3rd row. There seems to be about 30 kinds in total.

A rich fruit sand menu

Unlike convenience store 's sandwich corner, there are many kinds of sweets sandwich. Of about 30 kinds, about 9 kinds are sandwich houses irresistible for sweet tooth called sweets sandwich.

A sandwich of Tochigi's strawberry fair for a limited time was fairly inferred.

I saw apples of red wine cream on the left side for the first time in my life. There are some adult fruit sandals like this ~.

This is occasionally seen at bakeries, convenience stores, etc. Ogura sand and oranges sandwich. Pretty fruit is thick and volume full mark.

Omiya store also has eat-in space

The Omiya store I went this time was also equipped with eat-in space, so I was able to ask for a drink menu such as coffee at the same time.

You can order on the left side and eat in the space on the right side. There are about ten seats, but it was rather vacant whether there were many people to take home.

I paid a lot and tried using Eatin Space. (Laugh just for taking pictures)
I ordered by take-away, so I handed it with a paper bag, but I appreciate that there are towel as many as sandwiches and that a refrigerant is properly contained.

This time, I tried Tochigi collaboration "Sky Berry Strawberry Cream Sand" and popular No. 1 "Tamago Sand" I bought it!

please look. This strawberry sandwich is just cranky, and a tightly yellow egg sandwich. From 8 o'clock in the morning, there is a feeling that both carbohydrates and lipids take too much, but it seems to be delicious so it can not be helped.

A fruit sando for a bullet train journey.

When I finished taking a picture, I came into the car as a companion in the bullet train. Sandwich in Shinkansen has never been done before, but it was too high.

Sandwich pasaku slowly while looking at such a nice scenery. First of all, an egg sandwich. Fun (Ichigo sandwich) is a type to keep later.

Also when you remove the egg sand from the bag, the ingredients are too tight and the middle is raising. Egg is soft and very tasty, but it is quite disappointing if you eat two.

I may be dying for egg lovers, but one from me as ordinary is enough.

And then, strawberry sandwiches!
Right! ! ! !

And yes .... It is quite difficult to grasp with one hand, completely different from the thickness of the egg sand. There were two Tochigi strawberry sky berries in the cross section and one inside.

Ichigo and fresh cream are really just sweetness. It's not too sweet, it's not too much, it's an exquisite taste. This was super delicious taste that I wanted to continue eating about two or three.

I thought that it would be best if there was a product that contained sweets sand + side dish series one by one. It was very delicious! Thank you for the meal.

Delicious fairy tale. Omiya store basic information

Sandwich cafe Delicious fairy tale. Information of Omiya store is here.

Store name Sandwich cafe Delicious fairy tale. ecute Omiya store
place Within the ticket gate of Omiya station
business hours 7:00~22:30

If you eat sandwich here, it really will be fairy tale in the stomach. I want more stations to be made.

Next time I think I will go to the nearest store!
See you soon.



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