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The other day, when I tweeted, "I found an easy way to make eye catches on Instagram," I got a lot of likes from many people!



There may be quite a lot of needs to make eye catches easily and easily.

I'm a lazy girl with a high desire to approve, so I'm researching every day how I can make something like that in a short time. Lol

This time, I will introduce the "apps that can make a good eye-catching with a smartphone" that I am actually doing according to usage! By the way, I'm an amateur who doesn't know much about design, so please be patient.

Let's go!

1. If you really want to enjoy "Instagram"

Creation time: 30 seconds

As I mentioned in my tweet, you can easily create eye-catching images with the story function of Instagram!

For the time being, I want to insert characters in the image! I would definitely recommend it to those who emphasize speed. There are only five fonts, but on the contrary, it may be good because there are fewer choices.



How to make


・ Load images from smartphones and reduce pinch
-Type the character you like and convert the font
・ Place and save at any position

Only this!

Advantage: Super easy
Disadvantages: There are few fonts and the characters are often hard to see.


-Work example-


2. If you want to use various fonts, phonto

Duration: 1 minute

I just want to stick to the font! For those who like it, "phonto" is recommended as its name suggests.
There are over 400 types of fonts, and 40 types of Japanese are also supported. There are too many fashionable fonts in English, and I'm wondering what to do.

I like these fonts! This app is recommended for people who have a rough image. The good thing about phonto is that you can reach not only the letters but also the itch, such as adjusting the transparency and adding simple figures.




How to make


・ Select an image from your smartphone
・ Enter characters and select font
・ Adjust size, color, width, etc. from the menu

Advantages: All fonts are selectable. You can choose the character width, add a shadow, and much freedom. Simple shapes are also available.
Disadvantages: The operation is not intuitive, so it takes a while to get used to it.

-Work example-

Unexpectedly, I use the transparent function of characters and backgrounds.

3. If you want to choose a filter, LINE Camera

Duration: 40 seconds

The LINE camera is recommended for women who want to create cute eye catches! Since it's a retro toy camera, there are a lot of glitter filters that look good on girls, so you can easily change the image of the photo depending on what you choose.

In addition, it is a unique feature of LINE camera that you can change the filter while inputting characters and see the change. The atmosphere changes at all depending on this filter, so I think that there are sure to be various eye catching designs made by different people.



How to make


・ Select an image from your smartphone
・ Choose your favorite filter
・ Enter characters and select font etc.

Advantages: Abundant filters.
Disadvantages: Characters cannot be centered.

Let's utilize the time saving blog technique!

Eye-catching is an important part that readers first see, so I would like to stick to it. However, even if you spend too much time there, if you don't get it after all, it's a waste of time.

You can create a certain amount of eye-catching images even with a smartphone if you have high-quality photos. First of all, I think it's time to write articles and get used to blogging, so let's make use of time-saving blogging techniques!

Click here for articles to help you write a blog quickly!

Three tips I'm doing to write blog posts fast.
Without breathing, people cannot swim far. My method of concentration that rests "moderately".

I will try my best to write more articles in a short time!

see you!



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