Omiya 's bath. I am concerned about the feeling of a couple's cow, but the cartoon and hot springs are the best [honest review]

Concept cafés are increasingly popular, such as cat cafe · honey cat cafe · hammock cafe.

In Omiya in Saitama"Bathrobe cafe"Do you know that there is?

I often listened to it from my friends and watched it with an advertisement of an instructor, so I knew the existence but I did not know what kind of place it was so I decided to visit!

In conclusion,I'm worried about the feeling of a couple's dunes, but if you do not mind, it's the best in hot springs and comic books!Feeling.

I will go on Sunday afternoon and will review honestly what I actually thought! People who are interested please read and try it.

What is a bathroom cafe?

Before I go, I do not know exactly what the bathroof cafe is, "I wonder if I have to stay naked all the time?" "Can you drink coffee or something in the bath?" "Well, maybe a mixed bath? Lol

When I actually go,Bath can be enjoyed in the bath, places where various services such as books, cartoon, PC, restaurant, massage etc can also enjoy at a stretchwas.

It may be easier to understand if you can imagine that a hot spring with an internet cafe, restaurant and massage is attached.

Free time with wearing a lounge and a towel is recommended

The price system is two patterns, but basically it is only people who enter the free time. I can enjoy it without worrying about the time and free time is recommended because I can get the arrival and towel in the hall.

Free time entrance (※ arrival at the hall and towel included)

1,260 yen

Timetable course (※ wearing in the building · no towel) 120 minutes

840 yen

With books and manga reading unlimited, I thought that this rate was quite cheap, including hot springs. After entering the building, we pay at any time with a band worn on the wrist, and it is the system that will pay you bills at the end.

You can spend your time on hammocks and manga

Because the luggage and the towels in the hall are in a set, I will change it to change it.

I felt like I was wearing clothes when I was checking my health, I was able to spend quite well.

I can really relax freely in the hall. There are lots of cartoons and books so it's ok to read it. It is good to eat rice and sweets at the cafe.

You can really enjoy massage chair, PC, hammock and so on.

Bathrobe cafe was good

Where the bathrooms cafe was good ① Bathrooms ② All-you-can-eat ③ All you can drink coffee.

① Natural hot spring

The main bathroom cafe, hot spring was very good! It was large, there was outdoor bath, too, and it was the best natural hot spring which can also mud pack.

Towels and amenities are all included, so it's ok with your hands.

② All-you-can-see

Travel books, cartoons etc, such as enthusiasm books are fulfilling, and they are unlimited reading so it was an unbearable space to love book cafe.

It is even better if you can have a good seat such as a sofa seat near the fireplace.

③ All you can drink coffee

Drinks at sake and cafe are charged, but you can drink only coffee! Thanks for putting it for hours only by this ...

Was this review helpful?

To be honest it was also a few places I was not satisfied with. ① Feeling of a couple's cows ② Crowded on Sundays ③ Three of difficult to access.

① Couple's nesting feeling

I was worried about the feeling of the couple's dogs throughout all the time ... I'm worried about the fighting place of the eyes! Lol

Whether the charge is cheap and easy to come, couple of high school students are overwhelming. I concentrate and I do not mind reading books ...

② I have holidays

I reached Sunday around 16 o'clock, but at that time people were crowded with almost no place to sit.

After 18 o'clock people steadily got home and sofa seats were available so we could spend relaxingly. When coming at noon on a holiday I was prepared for being crowded but it looks good!

③ It is hard to access

It took 10 minutes by taxi from Omiya station and 10 minutes on foot from the nearest station, so access was subtle.

A complimentary shuttle bus has been issued from the café for the first time but it is recommended that you use a taxi as it is limited to the first-come, first-served basis and only one in one hour.

It seems to be nice to come by using Nomad on weekdays

I had a lot of people going there on Sunday, so I had a lot of impression that there were so many cowls, so I think that I would like to come on weekdays using Nomado if I go on the next one.

Because I think that the number of outlets, all you can drink coffee, all you want is unlimited for Nomade ....

The hot springs and the calming atmosphere was very good, so I'd love to come back when I am free again!



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