[October blog management report] It's important to do something muddy.

Hello! It is the cleanliness of a manager.
Since I entered November, it is time for "Looking back at October"!

Thank you very much for those always looking forward to it!

Publish and make articles going 1,000 PV!

I declared this in a retrospective blog in September one month ago, but I wonder if I could make an article going 1,000 PV!

<Table of Contents>
① October record
② What was good in October
③ Points to be reviewed in October
④ Target of November

① October record

· PV number
26, 220 PV (September: 27,022 PV)

· Number of articles
13 articles (September: 21 articles)

· External media contribution number
1 Article (September: 1 Article)

Compare with Airpods! A thorough review of the wireless earphone "GLIDiC" of 10,000 yen or less - hintos

Although the PV number had risen to the right until last month,It was the first time below last month ...!There are also few seasonal causes as well as a small number of articles.

After all the number of updates is important.

② What was good in October

· Published and made articles to go to 1,000 PV!

I declared in the retrospective blog of last month "to publish and make articles going 1,000 PV"

Since I went to 800PV so far, I thought it was tough to be honest. I can not think of anything good blog story even in the middle of October, it is really bad ...! I was thinking, but it rolled back at the last end!

That's right, article of Nishino consult!

I am addicted to Abema TV and this is interesting! I thought and blogged.
"Nishino consult" where Kinkon Nishino consults is interesting. All people involved in marketing should see | February blog

After writing, I noticed that "Is that Mr. Nishino Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Nishino also share?", Official account of Mr. Nishino, Mr. Maeda, Minowa-san · Abema TV ... etc ...I sent you a letter I wrote a blog for Twitter accounts of all Nishino consultants.

Right as calculated (?) Retweet from Kinkon Nishino · Showroom Mr. Maeda quoted RT with comments! Mr. Maeda's quote RT was very happy indeed.

A celebrity may have a RT and 1,000 PV may be a slightly awkward way, but achievement is achieved. I thought that it was important to do something dirty.

(Rather, I thought that my content power, which was only 1,000 PV, could grow...!)

③ Points to be reviewed in October

· I lost motivation on the way

"Blog motivated disease" that visits periodically about once every 3 months occurs. I think that there is something like this, I do not update most of that week only.

It is difficult to keep motivation ...! I want to come to light every day every day.

④ Target of November

1) 3 weekly updates + rewrite 2 articles

In November, we are focusing not only on new blogs but also on rewriting. It seems that the number of PV has increased so much as the company's synchronization rewritten.

For the 30,000 PV target within the year, we will make the best use of existing assets!

2) Decide the axis of the blog

Advice that Nishino consulting watching "everything is decided" comes out like every time I am watching. This is something to hurry · what can sell, what I think will lead to anything.

Since it is a miscellaneous blog now, I will rethink what kind of direction (axis) will be in the future. Please teach if it is rather a good axis ...

My core business is still busy in November, but I am doing my best with both work and blogging.



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