"Nishino consult" where Kinkon Nishino consults is interesting. All people involved in the market should see

This is interesting after a long absence! I'd like to introduce a TV that I thought was.

It is a program called "Nishino Consult Co., Ltd." that you can see on Abema TV. Abema TV which I canceled, but I have contracted it again only to see this.

I think that it is quite interesting content for people involved in marketing, including myself.


Talk show that invites guests who are troubled by business every week, hosting two people hosted by comedy · King Kong's Nishino Ryohiro, SHOWROOM president and CEO · Yuji Maeda, discussing various breakthrough ideas

- Quote: Wikipedia

A program that is being broadcasted on Abema TV on Friday 21: 00-22: 00.

I do not think that Abema TV program is interesting, but Nishino consult is interesting. Extraordinary!

It has already been broadcast 12 times, and it can not be seen that the old times can not be a prime member,It is worth seeing even if charging.

Reason why people related to Marke saw it

① The number of drawers increases with the story of luxury performers

Mr. Kinkon Nishino, Mr. Maeda of Showroom, Sometimes Minowa of Genso and ... and the performers are luxuriously messed up.

I got a bestseller book or made an application that was 2 million DLOpportunities that you can listen to "business conversation" between marketing successers for 1 hour are not soright.

By listening to talks among the talented people, do you think this way of thinking and saying at such times? And,More and more people withdraw from themselves.

Now that 12 episodes are published, if you do not have money, you can watch them all in AbemaTV's free trial period (1 month).

After billing, if the story of this gorgeous member can be heard for 4 hours a month in the period of 960 yen per month, it is 240 yen per once. It is much cheaper than going to a seminar I do not know well. It's really free if you make the content yourself.

(If you tell me that there is no misunderstanding, I am not a believer of Mr. Nishino.

② No matter which times you look, anyone can apply to any company Any market suffering is absolute

I get an image that seems to be difficult if I hear it as a consultant.

Before seeing, I was wondering if I could understand the contents of the story, but the trouble of the consultant is easy to understand, and it is applicable to any company.

<Problems of actual consultant>
· Idle live attractants do not work at all
· Number of Youtube subscribers does not increase
· Minor playthings can not be sold

It seems like it seems to be unrelated to yourself, but everyone raises the abstraction level"I want you to pay attention but I do not know how to do it"Just saying that, it applies to most business.

· Idle live attractants do not work at all
→ It can be used for general offline market such as eating and drinking / store attracting customers.

· Number of Youtube subscribers does not increase
→ It can be used for content marketing / media operators in general.

· I want to sell minor playground equipment, but I can not sell it at all
→ EC / It can be used for marketing such as retail.

If you are involved in marketing, I think that there is always something you can learn from any time.

③ Easy to adopt as it is a solution that can be executed immediately from today

Not only the troubles of the consultants but also the answers of the consultants are easy to understand.

Ms. Maeda Nishino tells the solution with the thought on the spot,It is nice to convey the measures essential and practicable from today.

Even without money it will tell you anything you can do if you are motivated.And because they are consulting on their own real experiences, thatI feel satisfied with the solution and I want to do it.It really matters who said it.

▼ Recommended times are the 3rd consultation
Nishino Consult Co., Ltd. - Main volume - # 3: Consulting president who suffers from the sale of products | 【Abema video】

After watching this time, it may be better to write out what is missing from our service and do this ...! And the direction has come to light.

Extra edition: I want MOTE want men to see NISHINO CONSULAL

I was watching Nishino consult and noticed Mr. Maeda's charm of Showroom. Mr. Maeda's hands are always handsome ...

Humble, hapless, always take memos of the counselor and convey appropriate advice. And the voice is calm and cool. This will also like Satomi Ishihara ...

If you look at Nishino consult as well, Moto wanted men might study in many ways.

Recommended in many directions NISHINO CONSUL Inc. I want you to see various people by all means.



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