Munich half-day-long. The enthusiasm for the authentic via hole was amazing!

The second day I came to Germany, I decided to leave Munich city from Ingolstadt.

Ingolstadt is a wonderful town not listed in the guidebook blogI wrote, Munich had a great city goodness in Munich.

Since I went around various places in Munich in half a day, I would like to look back on the course I went.

Arrive in Munich Central Station at 13:00

Arrived in Munich Central Station in 40 minutes from Ingolstadt.

The impressive thing was that a lot of advertisements of matching tinder in the station were flowing. In Japan, tinder is an image used for playing but in Germany it seems to be popular as an application to find serious encounters.

The subway has a taste in retro. Because the main tourist attractions in Munich city are far away, I bought a one-day train ride all-you-can pass (13 €).

I got off at the Odeonsplatz station and when I got on the ground, this beautiful scenery was spreading.

14: 00 The royal palace "Residenz"

The first destination is the "Residenz museum" where you can see the main palace of the Bavarian royal family

In the palace built from the latter half of the 14th century, bedroom · waiting room · ○ ○ room etc ... etc Anyway the room is too much and gorgeous!

Especially the hall called Anticuvarium is a breathtaking beauty. There were plenty of decorations reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles.

15: 30 Marienplatz and pretzels

The Residents Museum is located in the city of Munich, and it is a luxury boutique town when going out. Photos taken suitably on the iPhone are also places to become pictures.

I advanced to such a beautiful cityscape and headed for the next destination "New City Hall".

And Marienplatz reached!

The neo-Gothic style of the new city hall was here that had an overwhelming presence in the plaza. It was past Christmas, but the illumination of the tree was still alive and it was very beautiful.

This is the sightseeing spot here and there were quite a lot of people.

Since I was tired from the day all walking, I entered a cafe called Zottl where I walked about 1 minute from the new city hall.

It seems that the pretzel which is also the mark of the shop was the most popular menu, but since I was hungry anyway, I ordered Salami Panini.

Cafe au lait was about 400 yen, panini was around 500 yen as much as Tokyo price.

17: 00 FC Bayern Home of Munich

After a stomach was filled I went out a bit. To Hamas Rodriguez's Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich to which he belongs. (I am not interested in football, but my friend wants to go, so I'm going to arrive)

Football fans were gathering to see the stadium at first glance though 30 minutes by train from Munich city + 17 minutes walk from the station.

It was a day when there was no match, but the goods shop was vacant. There were a lot of attractive fans who bought sign balls and uniforms.

19:00 Eat German food at authentic via hole

Return to Munich city at night and challenge the authentic via hole.

Since the via hole in Munich city is popular anyway, we recommend that you check the congestion status with Google Map or the phone before you go.

I wanted to go to the most famous Hofbräuhaus but it was anyway crowded, so this time I went to a via hole called "Augustiner Keller"!

It is possible to accommodate more than 1,000 people, there are many people anyway! It was full of enthusiasm.

And the amount of meat and beer is also much more! Lol

Duck and pork at the front left was particularly tasty, and the Japanese seasoned it. When you come to Germany you will be tied up with sausage and beer, so I will be relieved to eat different dishes.

It was unexpectedly cheap as a meal with beer (0.5 liters) and 20 people per person. Thank you for the meal!

Next is Nuremberg?

Next is going to a town like Nuremberg brick toy box!

Because I have decided the place to go on the previous day or the previous day, if there is a recommended spot around BavariaTwitter (@ pirori 3182)Please tell me!

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