On the last day again Munich! A scenic viewpoint and a hideout cafe and recommended tapas.

6th day in Germany. On the last day I was wondering where to go and decided to go to Munich again.

I went to Munich once on the second day, but I hadn't gotten around the highlights yet, so I played a lot without regrets!

I'll share it with my friend who lives in the area, who taught me a lot of hidden spots.

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Munich half day walk. The heat of the authentic beer hall was amazing! | Reward

Rischart's chocolate black rice

Arrived at Munich Central Station. There are several bakeries in the station, but Rischart, recommended by a friend, will make you hungry.

The chocolate croissant contained the sticky chocolate like nutera. I prefer St. Mark's chocolate, but this one was also delicious!

See the spectacular view from Peter's Church

From there to Marienplatz.

here the 2nd day This time, I'm here, but this time I'm going to climb the observatory of Peter's Church to get a panoramic view of Munich.

It took about 10 minutes to climb up to the 14th floor while breathing on the steep stairs. The magnificent view of this trip was spreading!

The stairs are tight and the observatory is small, which is hard, but it's worth the climb!

Christmas shop only in Europe

After that, go to the "Christmas shop" where you can buy Christmas goods all year round. It's a shop unique to Christian Europe.

It was like a toy box with lots of Christmas accessories such as Santa's, snow globes, and nutcrackers!

Eating around at the local market

I was hungry, so head straight to the "Victorienmarkt". Markt means a market, and here is a market where you can buy fruits, cheese, sausages, and many other things.

Is it the image of a store in Sensoji or Ameyoko in Japan?

I found a rare hot white wine (4 €) at the stall, so I asked for it. By the way, you can take home this cute cup for 5€.

Mulled wine to drink outside -1 ℃ was the best. I wish I could drink mulled wine outside of Christmas season in Japan.

When I took the picture, cheerful locals were reflected in it. Lol

German people don't take many photos of food, so they were often seen with unusual eyes. When I went to a foreign country, I realized how Japanese (myself) depended on the smartphone.

Feel the nature in the English garden

If you are tired of the cityscape and buildings, we recommend the large park called English Garden. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from Odeonsplatz station.

The greens have withered in the winter, but in the summer there are some grandpas who sunbathe naked. Lol

Hidden cafe in English Garden

The building adjacent to the park has a cafe called Die Goldene Bar, which has an adult atmosphere.

The entrance is very difficult to understand, and only locals can know it. A friend who lives there told me.

The European atmosphere and the deliciousness of the chocolate cake were outstanding!

No matter what you ask for, delicious tapas

And the dinner at the end of Germany is not sausage... but tapas! No matter what I asked for, I found a great horse tapas.

In the city of Munich CORDO BAR A shop called. It was a Japanese favorite seasoning such as fish frit, lemon coconut soup, and garlic chicken.

If you're wondering what to eat in Munich, this is a really recommended place to go!

Blogs are recommended while traveling.

This is the end of the German blog that I sent in six. I was able to update almost every day by writing while I was on the train, or by waking up early and writing.

It was quite difficult, but I recommend it because it will be a reflection of the place you went to every day and a memorandum!

Lost baggage, lost Kureka (w that came out later), SIM can not be used, etc. There were various incidents, but it was a trip that I learned a lot.

A friend who guided me to Germany, a friend who traveled with me Really danke!!

Germany blog summary updated during the trip

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