Perfect for souvenirs! MR.waffle's Belgian waffle is transcendental

Hello! The other day I went to a friend couple's house to play, but the waffle I got out at that time was very delicious.

I asked myself "Where is this?" And I got off on the way back. My behavior for sweets is horrible.

Because I found a waffle specialty store that is so delicious, I will introduce it!

Belgium waffle specialty store "MR.waffle" is 11 stores in Kanto

"Mr. waffle" A chain store with 11 stores in Kanto.

As there are stores in various places such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Machida, Tachikawa, Omiya ... there should be a shop somewhere close!

How At the 21st anniversary waffle shop, you can enjoy the taste of home-made Belgian wrilies from Belgium.

By the way, the store name comes from the nickname "Mr. Waffle" at the time when the founder studied in Belgium (laughs)

A rich menu from classic to seasonal

I came to Echika Ikebukuro store this time! Among the famous sweets chain stores, such as crispy leem donuts and soft bars, there was a steady stream of customers here.

The menu is specialized only for waffles because it is a waffle specialty store.

< Standard waffle >
Plain, chocolate chips, almonds, baked apples, cinnamon, Earl Gray

< Waffle of the season > (October 2018)
Bananas, figs & raisins

It is quite affordable price with one 170 yen-190 yen.

What is slightly reflected in the upper right is a variety pack set-like guy that contains 5 to 6 pieces. I think around 1,000 yen, so it's perfect for souvenirs!

Waffle parfait that can only be eaten at the storefront

There are many people who basically take home and eat, but there were also drinks and parfait as in-store menus.

Belgium chocolate soft + favorite waffle can be combined Waffle Parfait (460 yen ~) Is a menu that can only be eaten at stores!

this is It looks delicious! ! !

It is delivered in a black cup and can be eaten and walked. It's like Belgium where you can walk around the city while eating waffles.

The combination of cold Belgian chocolate soft and warm waffle is the best! I want this to be eaten separately from takeaway.

The best to bring home and eat at home!

I bought "chocolate chips" and "figs & raisins" to take home for souvenirs and for myself.

The design of the paper bag is also cute and looks like a star. (Women actually raising this bag to Insta)

You can eat it in a ready-to-eat state by baking it for 2 minutes with an oven toaster! It looks delicious and delicious!

I have eaten authentic waffles in Belgium, but this one is better.

It is delicious, but because it is a mass of calories, I want to be careful not to eat too much ...!

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