When I'm free tonight, I can chat anonymously "mimicha" is the end of Heisei Emo

Friday and Saturday nights with no special plans.

"I want to kill time, but I don't want to do LINE myself."
"I wonder if there is a person who is as free as myself ..."

There are times when it becomes an emotional feeling. I can't say I'm free, but I want to connect with someone.

An anonymous chat service " mimicha " that can be used at such times has recently appeared, so I tried using it. It feels like a chat bulletin board that people in their 20s and 30s used when they were teenagers.

Anonymous chat is possible without the app

The feature of mimicha is like this.

① Anyone can join the chat anonymously
② You can create your own chat room and share it on SNS
③ No need to download the app

The difference from the chat service "NYAGO" that was popular a while ago is that (3) there is no need to download the application.

Also, it seems that the content of the chat remains even after 24 hours!

▶ ︎Click here for the DL of the app
"Mimicha-Let's talk anonymously!" On the App Store

When participating in a person's chat

I actually used it! If you want to join a person's chat, you don't need to download the app because you can chat on the browser.

1) Click the URL shared on SNS etc.
2) Enter your name (anonymously OK)
3) Chat with your browser!

I've created a chat room where you can talk to each other, so please come and chat!
︎Speak with Pirori-mimicha 

If you make your own room and chat

You need an app to create your own chat room. It is recommended that you use the app DL because you can see notifications and crispness.

1) Create a chat room from the upper right
2) Decide on a chat room name
3) Share to SNS etc.

I also made a chat room myself and shared it on Twitter ...! I'm thrilled if anyone will come.

Immediately someone anonymous came and started chatting. Who is "Roppongi Man"?

I'm sure you know me, but I miss the feeling that I don't know who it is in the early Heisei era ... I remember writing on the bulletin board on the junior high school site.

I also participated under the name "Wow", so I don't know from the other side. I thought it would be nice to be able to talk comfortably because they are anonymous!

I wonder if I will use it only at night

It would be nice to be able to talk anonymously about games, anime, and worries that no one can tell. After that, it will be exciting if more users increase! Impression.

I'm going to use it only at night, so let's talk anonymously in my room!

▷ Speak with Pirori-mimicha 

▶ ︎Click here for the DL of the app
"Mimicha-Let's talk anonymously!" On the App Store



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