To the people who are depressed in the morning. I'd like to recommend because the early morning photo walk before going to work is happy.

Hello! I'm Pirori (@ pirori3182), an office lady blogger .

Do you all of working people suddenly know that you are going to work at Extreme?

Extreme sports is an extreme sport where you go to work by the scheduled time after completing activities such as sightseeing, swimming, and mountain climbing from early morning. In addition, the process from early morning to going to work, where you can enjoy leisure with the main purpose of refreshing.


Apparently, it is called "extreme attendance" to get to work by doing activities such as mountain climbing and surfing from early morning.

Then I have to go to Extreme as a camera lover! Due to the mysterious sense of mission, I decided to get up early and take a photo walk.

Aside from whether the photo walk is an extreme activity, I've found that this is the beginning of a happy weekday, so let me tell you about it.

Get up at 6 o'clock and meet at 7 o'clock in Harajuku

We set up in Harajuku at 7 o'clock in order to be in time for work.

When I saw the people in the Supreme line from the morning, I was impressed that it was cold from the morning, but when I think about it, I got up early for the photo and I'm with you! I noticed that. Lol

The direction is different, but everyone can do their best for what they like.

I was wondering if one of them would oversleep, but I was impressed by the fact that they all got together! Lol
This time, we had a photo walk early in the morning with the members who gathered on Twitter.

The members are like this.

・ DIY master who taught me to go to Extreme Suke
・ Popular bloggers for things, travel and living Tobalog
・ A town walking essayist raised in Asakusa, Chihiro
・ A gardener who loves plants too much Kurihara
・ I am an office lady blogger Pirori

Meiji Jingu in the morning is the best morning activity spot

This was my first attempt at "Early Morning Photo Walk"

The destination was decided to go to Meiji Jingu at the suggestion of Mr. Suke. In conclusion, the early morning Meiji Jingu was vacant, full of greenery and delicious air, so it was the best spot for morning activities.

There are no people so you can take a leisurely walk. However, since I started the walk at 7 o'clock, the sun hadn't risen yet and the approach was dark.

At first, I dared to enjoy it with dark photos.

The morning light and plants go great together

I found some places where the light was shining, and took pictures of the plants. The morning sunlight and the plants go great together.

I took it with the OLYMPUS OMD EM-5 I bought recently, but I was impressed that it could be taken with Micro Four Thirds! After all it was good to use this camera!

Anyway, there are no people so you can shoot as much as you want

Near 8 o'clock, the sun gradually rose and the morning light came in nicely.

Some people came to worship little by little, but there were still few people at all. I used the space luxuriously to take pictures that I wouldn't normally be able to take.

With 12mm (24mm), you can take such a spacious picture, so the zoom lens is justice!

Morning with photo lovers is fun

What I learned this time is that if you take a photo walk early in the morning, you will feel super happy from the morning.

It may seem thin when written, but I feel that the QOD (quality of day) has increased about 10 times by taking pictures that I love slowly from the morning with everyone who loves photography.

I took a lot of pictures (I was taken at this time)

It was a morning when I could smile when I saw the votive tablet. After this, the freelance group seems to have worked fashionably at the cafe! It's good.

Going to work with a lot of happiness

The only rule of "extreme work" is not to be late for the company . Lol

After finishing the photo walk, I went to work with a lot of happiness.

Even though I was crushed by the Yamanote Line, which is different from usual, I completed work according to the rules! My work has progressed and I have no choice but to do a photo walk early in the morning.

We are planning to go from Shinagawa to Tamachi next time, so if you want to participate, please let us know!

Everyone's early morning photo walk blog

The members I went with this time were not only "photographs" but also people who originally had something in common called "blogs".

Each sentence and photo has its own taste, and even if you do the same photo walk, the output will be unique. Everyone is nice so check it out!

▼ DIY master, Suke's blog.

Mr. Suke who puts a lot of me with a swollen face when I wake up. Even though it's a new camera, it's amazing to be able to use it.
I went to a photo walk at Meiji Jingu where you can enjoy extraordinary life from weekday mornings | 99% PHOTO

Kurihara's blog, who loves plants

The world view of Mr. Kurihara cut out with PENTAX is very nice! Get up early → go to work, did your best!
Early morning photo walk before going to work @ Meiji Jingu, Morning at Mojo Coffee | Introduction to private plant life

▼ Tobalog , a popular blogger for things, travel and living

The dark color of Leica is good. It's a sentence that can be read easily like a novel.
Clear air at dawn, luxury to bathe in the forest in the city center. | Leica M10 and Meiji Jingu Sanpo

▼ Chihiro, an essayist who grew up in Asakusa

It's nice to read Chihiro's soft sentences. And I'm glad you took a picture of me with various facial expressions! Lol

Photo walk on a winter morning. Meiji Jingu Edition | Seagulls and Town



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