Cherry-blossom viewing · cafe · fruit parlor. Enjoying a cherry blossom row along the Meguro River

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This is the first time I've been to Tokyo.

This year last year was just a university graduation. I moved to Tokyo in late March, and I miss the move, join, and I can't afford to watch the flowers.

With my high school friend, "I would like to go take a photo of the cherry blossoms in Meguro River!" And enjoy Tokyo's first Hanami, I will introduce this Hanami course.

13:30 Arrival of cherry blossom trees in Meguro River

It's easy to meet Saturday afternoon. At first I was shocked by the large number of people. There were people twice as much as I expected. Lol

Even though I was hungry, when I arrived in the row of cherry blossoms, I forgot that and both of them were crazy and taking photos.

Meguro River Cherry blossoms lined cherry blossoms 2018

Meguro River Cherry blossoms lined cherry blossoms 2018

Meguro River Cherry blossoms lined cherry blossoms 2018

Meguro River Cherry blossoms lined cherry blossoms 2018

Meguro River Cherry blossoms lined cherry blossoms 2018

Well, it's more difficult to take a picture of cherry blossoms than I thought.

14:30 Taste and Sense Late Lunch

Nearly 15 o'clock when I realize that I'm crazy about photos. I wandered around the area that it was time for lunch to finish.

Nakameguro cafes I found in the back of the alley because the riverside was crowded with cherry blossom visitors everywhere"Taste and Sense"It entered. Lunch is until 15 o'clock.

 taste and sence Nakameguro

I entered it because it was the appearance I saw from the outside, but the inside was wonderful.

taste and sence Nakameguro

There are three types of lunch courses: curry, baked goods and pasta. Each had a salad and it was 1,500 yen.

taste and sence Nakameguro

This was as delicious as it looks.

16:30 Hanami Sanpo towards Meguro

I'm hungry, so take a walk and see the flowers again.
The tension has risen again in front of the cherry blossom trees that I have only seen on the internet.

I went down the river to my last destination, Meguro Fruit Parlor. As we head to Meguro, the number of people decreases, but sometimes there were good photo spots and it was a haunting place.

17:00 Fruit confection at the fruit garden Riebel

I was looking forward to as much as seeing the flowers,Fruit ParlorFruit garden rebel Meguro store

Even in the late time zone of 17:00, it was possible to queue up outside the shop and waited for about 20 minutes.

It is worthwhile to eat side by side, it is packed with parfait (1,900 yen). The size and sweetness are all different at all.

And it was a real purposeFruit sandwich (920 yen)

It was completely different from the fruit sandwiches of the convenience store, and the fruits such as strawberries, grapes, melons, mangos were tightly packed. I hit the fruit no matter where I was eating, the texture was juicy and I was very happy.

My stomach and feelings were full and I came home. Since the cherry blossoms of Meguro River are famous for night lights-up, I would like to see them as well.

For the first time in Tokyo Hanami, I enjoyed it! I'm going to Hanami somewhere this weekend, but I still do not know Tokyo ... If there is a recommended spot please let me know (๑╹ ω ๑╹)!



See you soon!




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