[Overseas っ ぽ く て fashionable ♡] MacBook Hard Case 9 Selection

"I can not affix a sticker to a PC paid from a company"
"I want to distinguish from everyone because it is the same MacBook ..."

Is there a girl using a MacBook (?) Trouble.

I am also using MacBook Pro TouchBar 13 ', which is provided by the company, but since the small sticker of the rental company is affixed to the table, I think that it is somehow 4 months.

Recently since the café work has become so many, I decided to look for "MacBook Hard Case" which is easy to remove and easy to remove with heavy waist raised!

Surprisingly, Amazon and Rakuten have not sold cute cases as adults, so I'm happy if someone can help with this article.


The hard case to be introduced this time picks up the one with the design if it is the following Mac model!

Compatible models ① MACBOOKAir 11 '[A 1370 / A 1465]
② MACBOOK 12 '[A 1534]
③MACBOOKAir 13 '[A1369 / A1466]
④ MACBOOK PRO Retina Display 13 [A 1425 / A 1502]
⑤ MACBOOK PRO Retina Display 15 [A 1398]
⑥MACBOOKPro Non-Retina 13 '[A1278]
⑦MACBOOKPro Non-Retina 15 [A 1286]
⑧MACBOOK PRO 13 '[With Touch Bar / None, Late 2016 Model]
⑨MACBOOK PRO 15 '[with touch bar, model in late 2016]


Good luck! !



We will deliver the most beautiful and tough shockproof smartphone case & tech accessory.

I am singing Castify.

I think that it is not familiar yet in Japan, but there are lots of pretty cases when I look at the site.

O iPhone case and MacBook case which overseas Youtuber is using are pretty abundantly available!




A case of a summer resort like a palm tree pattern!

I personally like Youtuber overseas because it is a pattern that resembles a fabric similar to that used in DIY. Lol



Colorful case where pink flamingo patterns are lined ♡




It happened to be a pattern. Lol
I like pineapple but mature design!



BUYMA of overseas mail order No. 1 site has an overseas design MacBook case on hand.

Among various shops, Wingle is cute, so I will introduce some cases ♡


⑴ Pink Blue Marble handle

"Slick Case" Popular ★ Marble pattern MacBook case [Send in]

The pink & blue gradation is discreet and cute.
I think that it is a safe design that is intermediate between clean and cute.


⑵ POP pink pattern

"Slick Case" Popular Flower Pattern MacBook Case 【Sending Inquiries】

Pop design centered on pink!
It's pretty flashy so it will not hurt people.


⑶ Matte color


"Slick Case" Popular ★ Matte color MacBook case [Inquiries]

Matte simple color design is simple and nice.
Case similar in design at AmazonIt sells for 2,280 yen.
Although fashionable is lacking, those who want to cover the Apple logo properly may be good there.



Unique shopping experience from creative people all over the world

Market place service from NY in catch phrase Etsy.

We will introduce the case of the shop called "STAEIM" which has a lot of gaudy and unique items!

⑴ Pink Glitter

Blush Pink Glitter macbook Case

Pink glitter lame case!
Looking at the explanatory note, it looks like they are made by handmade!


⑵ Cosmic Galaxy

05 Cosmic Galaxy Macbook Pro Case

"STAEIM" has many fancy cases of cosmic patterns! I am like a unicorn and not a fancy I thought that this 05 number is the best.


⑶ Whit Marble

White Marble Macbook Hard Case

A marble (marble) pattern is popular because of the luxury feeling.
I saw it on various sites, but this was the most stylish case when I saw the Apple logo properly.



A MacBook Hard Case feature selected by my preference, "It's cute overseas Youtuber and cute", how was it? I wrote it considerably and I am satisfied myself. Lol

Depending on the company, I think that cases that are too flashy may be NG so in that case, please check before buying!

I think I will write another article on what I bought from this one!


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