The terrace seat fashionable lunch at Hanzomon! It is the best for change of work between work.

Hello! Pirori ( @ pirori 3182 ) (๑╹ω╹๑)

It has been getting warmer recently! The cafe and restaurant with a terrace seat want to go at such time. When the weather is nice, I would like to go outside and hit the sun.

Not only on holidays, but it would be great if you could change the mood on the terrace for lunch and lunch in a little work. So I found a nice terrace seat restaurant in the office area Hanzomon, so I will share it!

Only weekdays are available, but the atmosphere, cospa and taste are both highly recommended, as they are of very high quality.

A terrace seat that you want to sit on a sunny day

The place to be introduced this time is Hanzomon in the office area. There are many shops where you can have a quick meal such as Chinese or curry chain side, but if you want to have a relaxed lunch, LIFULL Table is recommended!

LIFULL Table, a food and drink space owned by LIFULL, which operates Home's, is available to everyone as well as employees.

Please take a look at this free-standing terrace seat!

LIFULL Table terrace seat

Wood deck like overseas is too fashionable.

This terrace, located on the first floor of the LIFULL building, has a top class atmosphere in a Hanzomon lunch.

LIFULL Table terrace seat

Because there is no roof, I am exposed to direct sunlight and UV cancer.

Healthy and abundant lunch menu

I would like to recommend not only the goodness of the terrace seat, but also the lunch contents are substantial.

You can enjoy a well-balanced lunch including main and side dishes reasonably.

豊 富 Rich lunch menu

  • Today's LIFULL set meal ... 850 yen
  • STANDARD SET ... 900 yen ~ (combination of favorite side dishes from the glass case)
  • HEALTHY SET ... 1000 yen
  • CURRY SET ... 1000 yen

LI Today's LIFULL set meal ... 850 yen

LIFULL set meal main of this day is pork cutlet of plum meat sauce. Side dishes and miso soup are also included.

CUR CURRY SET ... 1000 yen

Curry set that does not change every day! It also contains many vegetables and is healthy.

You can choose white rice or brown rice, and a drink bar is also included. The taste is of course delicious.

People who get sunburn are particularly ambience

The Hanzomon lunch is crowded everywhere, but the LIFULL Table has a large number of seats so you can often sit without waiting.

If you are concerned about sunburn, I recommend the table in the middle and on the terrace, just in the middle.

You can eat lunch slowly while looking outside without being exposed to direct sunlight. Coffee is also an all-you-can-drink, so it is also recommended for work and light meetings.

Every time LIFULL's employee gets enraged. By the way, I am careful because I do not do it on weekends. If you want to have a fashionable lunch on the terrace during a weekday, please go by all means.

About basic information of LIFULL Table

Store name Rifle table (LIFULL Table)
Street address 1-4-4 Sakai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1F
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, New Year holidays



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