【Kojimachi Station】 I went to a fashionable cafe "No.4" suddenly appearing in the office town

The calm downtown area "Kojimachi" next to the Imperial Palace.
I like quiet and easy-going atmosphere, but if you give one difficulty there are few stylish cafes.

There are many chain stores such as Starba and Doutor because it is a business district ...

Meanwhile, I heard from a acquaintance that Kojimachi has a fancy cafe, so I decided to go there immediately. It has a feeling of opening and in a nice sense it is a cafe that is not like Kojimachi so I will share it!

A building like an American West Coast in an office town

"No.4" located 4 minutes walk from Kojimachi station exit 6
In the office town of concrete, I think that the building of the tree of this flat shop is so conspicuous that it will be understood soon.

The entrance is largely written as No. 4.

The feeling of this container seems to be the store of third wave coffee in California, and it is a taste that I like quite privately.

You can eat bread and burrito baked in the shop!

When I entered the shop, bread baked in the shop was staggering there. Kojimachi's bakery is valuable because many stores have little or no eat-in space.

There are lots of bread and it gets lost, but since it has written popups such as "recommendation" "popularity", please try it for the first time.

It seems that the grilled eyes are very delicious! Since I had eyes with honey toast, I bought one as a takeaway sentence.

I went lunchtime, so I usually have lunch. We can enjoy lunch at 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 regardless of weekdays and weekends!

Among pizzas and salads, there are three types of guidance that were supposed to have menus. The cafe itself that deals with burrito is unusual. We ordered Pork burrito without delay.

The size is big, the meat is tightly packed and it is quite hungry! Ice coffee is also attached, 1,400 yen. For burrito the value is up but it is Kojimachi price.

It might be not good as a work cafe

There were several power supplies in the counter seat and the wall side seats.

Three things I thought that I could not recommend as a working cafe.

· No Wi-Fi
· There was not much air conditioning
· Coffee acidity was strong and I was not good.

Even though the cooler was in there, is it a container type building so it is easy to keep the heat from falling. The window was particularly hot.

And my coffee is totally my taste, but I felt sour is too strong. Because there are individual preferences, please drink this! Lol

I want to use morning on a cool morning

There is a terrace seat as a nice place for No. 4, right? And since Morning's French toast is famous, I want to gracefully morning when it's cool.

Basic information on Kojimachi "No.4"

Store name
No. 4
Street address
5-9 Shichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(5 minutes on foot from Kojimachi Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)
business hours
Power supply
Several seats available

If you have lunch at Kojimachi this is recommended!

I like buckwheat noodles! I want you to eat "Soba-sa" in Kojimachi gourmet soba noodle | Worship blog



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