Are you able to do "this year's resolutions"? A person who wants to continue this year has found a god app to use absolutely.

happy New Year. I have met a superb app from the beginning of the year this year too!

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Happy New Year 's greetings, Happy New Year!Declare blog this yearI will do my best to upgrade firmly.

Everyone thinks that many people set goals such as "squat every day", "10 page reading a day", etc. at the beginning of the year.

Since various things are reset at the beginning of the year, you will be confident of the mystery that you can change yourself a lot.


Are you sure you can continue?


Last year I made a goal "to keep household accounts every day", but eventually I reduced about half of the year.


True, it is really weak in continuation from long ago. It is my weak point.


This year, I want to continue my household account book! I thought that there is a good app and if you are looking for it in the App store"Continuing technology"We have found an app with great praise by the review.



Around 1,000 issues Most of the comments"I was able to continue I was able to continue until now!"High evaluation. Moreover, the developer responds to all comments, God correspondence.

This has to be used only! DL and use itAn impossible phenomenon that I will be able to continue for 3 daysI am getting up.

Because I can not stop moving a bit, I think I want to share it immediately.


Application that overcomes Yoshimitsu "Continuing technology"

app name Continuing technology
Correspondence iOS only
Contents It overcomes Yoshimitsu
price free
Accounting element

Useless function: Supports comments make a good feel 960 yen
Useless function: supporters comments will be Nakaji disease 960 yen

Developer Daisuke Toda


From the conclusion on how to continue, "If you can continue every day, tap a circle"

It is really all this.
Like this



Three reasons to really be able to continue with "Continuing" app


"Does the application really cure for 3 days?"

I was also quite dubious, but there are various mechanisms to continue as I actually use it.

I will explain it with Squash.

① You can only decide one thing you want to "continue"

I want greed anything, I want this one too! Although it tends to be common, this application can set only one continuation goal.

I was worried a lot about what to set as a goal at this pointSet to "turn on household account book" that it really can be realized everydayDid.

By the way, this goal can be changed to a new goal if we can continue for the first set target period. So whatever is good at the beginning so let's set a small goal.

② Notification will come at the set time

After setting the goal, enter the timing to do it.
I set it to 23 o'clock so that "putting a household account book" should have been completed at night.

When today's tap is not finished, you will receive a push notification at that time.


It tends to forget about it, but it reminds me that push notifications come every day.


③ Go back to the start when you skip twice

I think that this is the biggest feature that this application can continue.

If we can not keep goal for the first time set for 2 days, the circle made by this tap every day is reset. .

that's all? I think that I feel it,We can not break the circle which has been increased every day! !The mystery continues to grow.

It is no longer an overstatement to say that it is continuing not to destroy the yen, rather than to attach a household account book anymore.


Extra: Developers are somewhat crazy

Since I saw the review before downloading, I answered all comments and it was some amazing person. . I felt it.


This developer's dream is"Make an application that derives human strength"about. I put my thoughts in the application, it is super cool.

With this application you can withdraw the continuing power which any human being originally possesses. It's amazing though it's really free. Advertisements are not included so that you can focus on continuing firmly.

The only charge point is "waste function". Lol

It seems to be able to choose either 'good feeling supportive comment' or 'Nakaji sickly supporters comment'. I have made such a nice app so I charged for "Chubu Disease-like cheering comment".

Good luck with the developer!


This year I want to continue! Take off, 3 days buddy!If you say, let's do it together with me!
DL isHereFrom. (This article is not an advertisement, I like it for the last time.


I wonder if I write about the next article about the installation.
see you!



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