It is the first Kanazawa. I was able to take sightseeing spots in 2 days and 1 night! 【the 2nd day】

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The other day, I went on a weekend trip to Kanazawa for 2 days and 1 night!
It was my first time in Kanazawa, but I've been able to visit the "must-visit spots" + "recommended spots of locals" in the last two days, so I hope that it will be helpful for future visitors.

Click here for the article on the first day↓
The first Kanazawa. I was able to conquer the tourist spots in one night and two days! 【First day】

The flow of 1 night and 2 days was roughly like this.

First day

  • Kanazawa Station (Gumon)
  • Omicho Market
  • Kanazawa Omotesando
  • Higashi Chaya District
  • Oden "Ebisu"

Second day

In this blog, I will write about the second day! You could fully enjoy Kanazawa until the time of the Shinkansen. Let's go!

9:00 Slow breakfast at the guesthouse

On the second day, I woke up slowly and prepared slowly while eating miso soup and rice balls I bought at a nearby convenience store.

When I was a college student, I used to like to travel early to wake up and go sightseeing, but after becoming a member of society, I started to sleep slowly in the morning during my trip. Lol

10:00 Hanging out inside Kanazawa Castle

Since I stayed at a guesthouse located 1 minute walk from Kanazawa Castle Park, I started sightseeing soon. First, I'm going to Kanazawa Castle.

"Kahokumon", the main gate of Kanazawa Castle

Kanazawa Castle, where castle construction began in earnest in 1583, actually it has been hit by three fires so far. I thought it would be beautiful for a historical building, but it was restored in 2001.

Inside Kanazawa Castle, there are signs and explanations on the way, so you can go sightseeing while learning the history without much knowledge.

There is a charge inside the castle, but the admission fee for Kenrokuen is only 500 yen. It's recommended because you can assemble the castle and enter the Ryoko tower to see the inside of the castle.

The construction technique without using nails was explained in detail. It was a very detailed structure, and I was impressed from the beginning, saying that old people often used to work like this.

12:00 Lunch at the teahouse "Mikitei", which was founded in 1926.

After walking around the castle for about two hours, I became hungry. We decided to move to Kenrokuen Garden, which is next to Kanazawa Castle, and have lunch at the teahouse " Mishirotei " where you can see the castle.

I asked for Kanizawa's local dish, "Jibe Niso Soba," because it was on the menu.

The vegetables and duck are stewed and the thick, sweet dashi stock is very delicious. It was a thick, fresh soup that I had never eaten before.

It is recommended because you can eat while watching Kanazawa Castle and it is not so crowded (or rather not at all). As it is in Kenrokuen, it is easy to access.

13:00 Visit Kenrokuen, one of Japan's three most famous gardens

Once you're satisfied with your stomach, savor the classic Kanazawa sightseeing "Kenrokuen" . It is one of the three famous gardens in Japan and is designated as a cultural property.

I've never seen such a large garden, so I was surprised at how large it is.
The cherry blossoms still remained.

The greens and flowers are kept clean and the air is clean. If there was Kenrokuen near where I lived, it was a beauty that makes me want to take a walk every day.

14:00 Tour the streets of the Kaga domain at a samurai residence

Since I could take a walk in Kenrokuen enough, I will move to "Nagamachi Samurai Residence Ruins" , a classic tourist destination in Kanazawa. I can walk on foot, but I was tired of walking so I moved by bus in 10 minutes.

Ruins of a samurai residence where many of the intermediate samurai of the Kaga domain lived. Even now, it seems that it is still used as a private house or shop, and there was also the house of the president of APA Hotel!

When I was taking a picture by myself, a grandfather who is a volunteer guide in the area talked to me and said, "If you take from this angle, you can take a picture that looks like a time slip in the past" I took a picture. It was Many people in Kanazawa are really friendly. Lol

After that, my grandfather told me about the sightseeing spots in the area, and I headed to the Ashikaga Museum . “It's hard to see tourists here, but it's a recommended spot!”

A museum that recreates an old house, showing how Ashigaru, the lowest-ranked samurai, lived. This was really fun!

There are easy-to-understand explanations about Ashikaga's old life and institutions around the house. And admission is free.

You can visually learn the simple and serious lifestyles of people who live in Ashigaru, so I recommend that you visit them when you visit the samurai residence.

After all, there is no doubt that the information taught by the locals.

15:00 Hiramipan popular with locals

" Hiramipan " is a 2-minute walk from the Ashigaru Museum. A fashionable bakery popular with tourists. First of all, the hiragana name of Hiramipan is cute.

There are not so many kinds, but there are breads baked in the store. You can take out or eat in.

Isn't the color of the Kanure in the foreground really delicious? ? If you come to Hiramipan from the time you saw it on Instagram, definitely eat cane! I decided.

I wanted to eat slowly, so I ordered a drink and went to eat in. There are books and recipes from Paris, and the inside looks like European.

Kanure is as moist as I imagined. It's a canoe made by a bakery, so it's not out of the question.

There were a lot of tourists, but the locals also came to drink wine. My friend bought the original Hiramipan coffee beans as a souvenir.

16:30 Kanazawa souvenir at Anto at Kanazawa station

A little earlier to Kanazawa station to buy souvenirs. There was a large souvenir shop called Anto near the Shinkansen platform, and we had all kinds of souvenirs from Kanazawa!

On the 1st day, I bought " En Enha no Ankoro Mochi, " which was taught by a local who came to the Oden shop, to accompany the Shinkansen.

The expiration date is during the day, but it is a reasonable souvenir that is reasonable at 390 yen. Other souvenirs unique to Kanazawa, such as "Tsukudani Tsukudani Ochazuke Set" and "ZAWAPAN" are also available.

You can return to Tokyo with a single bullet train! It's a convenient time.

I was thinking of writing a blog for the Shinkansen on my way home, but when I ate Ankoro Mochi I fell asleep. ..

It was a fun 2 day 1 night trip that I spent all my life until I was exhausted.

Summary of two nights trip to Kanazawa

I summarized the time required and the money spent. I think it's possible to make it cheaper because I think it will change depending on the souvenir and where you go.

period Two days and one night on Saturday and Sunday
Shinkansen required time (Tokyo station → Kanazawa station) 2 hours 30 minutes
Money spent


Guest House…¥3,500



Total...43,500 yen

All the food is delicious and Kanazawa is a good old town. It may be a perfect sightseeing spot when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

Next time I would like to visit the hot springs.
See you soon!



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