First time in Kanazawa. I was able to win the tourist attractions in 1 day and 2 nights! 【First day】

For the first time, I landed on Hokuriku!
It is a manager's Pirori ( @pirori3182 ) (๑╹ω╹๑)

I went to Kanazawa for 2 days and 1 night on Saturdays and Sundays, so I will make a blog of it when I remember it.

It was my first time in Kanazawa, but this We were able to visit "a must-visit destination" + "recommended spots of locals" in 2 days So I hope it will be helpful for people who are going to go.

The flow of one night and two days is roughly like this.

First day

Second day

  • Kanazawa Castle
  • 兼六園
  • Samurai residence
  • Hiramipan

In this blog, I will write about the first day.
People who are not interested in Kanazawa will surely enjoy it! Let's go!

9:00 Depart Omiya Station

The Shinkansen companion is a delicious tasty fairy tale sandwich.
25 stores in Kanto. "Delicious fairy tale." 

You can see the mountains and the nature of the Sea of Japan in Nagano on the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Sometimes the tunnel doesn't connect to the internet, but the scenery was the best.

11:00 Arrive at Kanazawa station! Gummon and face-to-face

First landing in Kanazawa! First of all, Kanazawa Station was the topic I wanted to see. It's too cool.

The Tsurumon that I often see on TV is overwhelmed by the size when I actually see it. And it's made of wood. Amazing technology.

11:30 Insta-eating Hitsumabushi at Omicho Market

You can get to the Omicho Market, which is surely listed in any guidebook, in 15 minutes on foot from Kanazawa Station. I heard that it was particularly crowded during lunch, so I arrived before 12:00.

This Omicho market, which used to be a kitchen for locals, is now a place for tourists. I think that prices are quite high for the “market”.

At “Shunsai Japanese Restaurant Kuchifuku,” I ordered an Instagram-worthy Hitsumabushi bowl (2,400 yen).

① Eat normally → ② Eat with sea urchin, soy sauce and condiments → ③ Eat in Ochazuke

Hitsumabushi bowl with 3 ways to enjoy, not only looks but also the taste is delicious and full.

After that, I went to eat solid gold leaf soft cream (600 yen) as a dessert. 90% of the gold leaf nationwide is made in Kanazawa. That makes me want to add soft serve ice cream.

Gold leaf has no particular taste, so it was a normally delicious milk soft serve.

13:00 A leisurely walk at Omotesando, Kanazawa

Kanazawa's Omotesando is right next to the Omicho Market. It was a completely different scene from Tokyo's Omotesando, but it was a Saturday scene.

I've always thought about Kanazawa, but there aren't many people! And more rural than expected!
This was a betrayal of expectations in a good way.

A select shop called Collabon is recommended. Centering on Kanazawa's miscellaneous goods, only good taste items such as tableware, books, detergents, and memo pads were collected.

15:00 Time slip at Higashi Chaya district

The place I was most looking forward to this time, Higashi Chaya District. It's about a 15-minute walk from Omotesando. Since Kanazawa city is crowded with major tourist spots, I could almost walk on foot.

The Higashi Chaya District retains the old-fashioned scenery and is a must-see spot for beginners in Kanazawa, where souvenirs and cafes are lined up for tourists.

You can see the gold leaf cosmetics at the shop “Chaya Bijin” that is offered by a gold leaf maker,

Have a tea at the old-fashioned cafe "Kurenami",

After 17:00 in the evening, the lamp lights up, so you can take emo pictures like this.

By the way, if you follow the hashtag #Higashi Chaya District on Instagram in advance, it is recommended that information on the person who actually went will be revealed.

19:00 Exquisite Oden "Ebisu" where locals gather

I think that it is good not to deal with tourists for dinner, so I researched restaurants where local people are likely to go. I went to "Ebisu", an oden shop near Kanazawa Castle.

I'm convinced that this is definitely delicious from the shop's attitude.

A friendly and gentle mom, a local from Tokyo who gives us various information, and a warm oden with a taste.

Everything was delicious, but beef and radish are different. As for the dishes other than Oden, all of them were prepared by moms using seasonal ingredients, and they were delicious. It was a well-known store not listed in the guidebook!

21:00 Good night at Guesthouse Shiro

Arrived at this inn, Guest House Shiraku. I would like to summarize this in another article, but it was fashionable, cheap, and really good.

Write a blog with Kotatsu and chat with other guests. When I returned to my futon and continued reading the blog, I found myself sleeping.

I was happy the first day after eating.

Continue on the second day...



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