I am coming to the German town "Ingolstadt" not listed in the guidebook

“It's not in the guidebook, but it's good.” The place is wonderful.

My high school friends live in Germany, so I'm spending the year-end and New Year holidays in Germany.

My friend's house is in a small town that is not listed in the guidebook "Ingolstadt", but it's so easy to spend here, so I'll write it as a memorandum in my blog.

Actually, this is my second time to come to Germany since high school.

When I first came to Germany, I went around the tourist spots so I thought I wanted to go to a local place this time.

Ingolstadt is 40 minutes from Munich

Ingolstadt is 40 minutes by train from Munich. If you think that you are tired of staying in Munich, this is a spot you should visit.

It's very famous as a town with Audi's factory, but it doesn't seem to be so featured as a tourist attraction.

Why we recommend Ingolstadt

I asked a friend in Ingolstadt, who has lived in Ingolstadt for the 3rd year, to find out what is the best way.

-Beautiful cityscape. No trash has fallen
・ There are not many tourists because there are no guidebooks (there are many local people)
・ Price is cheap because it is a little rural
・ Since the town is small, you can walk around quickly

Please look at this feeling of rattling. Lol

Even when I actually went sightseeing, it was the best, with the feeling that there were few people even though it was such a beautiful cityscape!

Ingolstadt Old Town Recommendations

This time I went to the old town of Ingolstadt, but I think that I can crush it for about half a day here. We will show you the highlights of the old town of Ingolstadt with pictures.

Old city skyline

The colorful cityscape itself that is fun just to look at is the highlight. Most of these are shops!

Take a photo or shop.

Instead of a small town, there are various genres such as department stores, drug stores, and clothing stores. It's not a high-end shop, but most of it is here.

The cityscape is beautiful at night as there are illuminations in winter.

Christmas market

Although it's only available in winter, there was a small Christmas market in a small town like Ingolstadt.

With several stalls and a special skating rink, you can enjoy a wintery atmosphere.

A cute kid and dad who came to the skating rink.

The older brothers of German who work at the sausage store, the cheerfulness they see in their pictures. Lol

It was cold outside as it snowed, but the whiskey-filled coffee that tasted in the cold was so delicious ...!

Cafe Anna Ingolstadt

A fashionable cafe in one of the shops in the old town "Cafe Anna Ingolstadt"

The atmosphere, coffee and price were all good.

Some people talk in the large store, while others work on MacBook alone.

Many people in Ingolstadt enjoyed talking with people in front of their eyes without touching their smartphones. It would be nice to have a glimpse of the lives of the local people.

This HARBS-like big-sized berry cake was worth 3.5 €, and its modest sweetness was delicious.

Ingolstadt is good ~

There was also a large church built in the 1400s and a fast fashion Primark (which is not in Munich, by the way), so there was a lot to see in Ingolstadt!

The most recommended point is that there are no people even though the townscape is beautiful.

If you are a tourist and don't like to trash, please visit this place when you go to Germany.



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