I tried using the Huji Cam app that allows you to take a photo of "I'm shooting" on the iPhone [Review]

Hello! Pirori.

"It's a photo run" that has been a hot topic recently such as the limited 20,000 premium kits released. It is highly appreciated that the retro color tone and the image quality are good.

The other day my undergraduate student put a lot of photos that I took in "I'm shooting" on the LINE album, and it was so wonderful that I asked, "What an app?"

As I was told about the iPhone application that can be taken like "It's a photo run", I would like to use it to actually review it.

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  1. 1.App like film camera Huji Cam
  2. 2.I tried to shoot the usual scenery with Huji Cam
  3. 3.Huji Cam review I found using
  4. Four.I tried to shoot with a real "shooting"

App like film camera Huji Cam

The name of the app is " Huji cam ". It is an application that can take a photo like 1998.

Seeing from the name, it is an application that Fuji Film has put out! ? I think, but not at all official.

When you start the camera, the viewing hole is on the top left like a real film camera. The shutter button is on the lower right.

It is OK to take something interesting as it is.
It doesn't look like a real camera, except for the fact that you can feel the excitement of what a film camera is.

You can also shoot while viewing the preview normally. You can choose between in-game and out-camera, self-timer, image quality and more.

Here, at the highest level, there is one point where you can shoot like "It's a photo!"

Make the second "Random light on" from the top. As the name suggests, light enters randomly.

▼ This is a random light off version

Even this is quite film-like, but it's a bit scarce.

▼ This is a random light on version

The yellowish light comes in at random on the upper left, and the sense of Showa has increased at a stretch! It is recommended because it is more like shooting with a light like this.

I tried to shoot the usual scenery with Huji Cam

I tried to shoot my usual life with Huji Cam. I was able to take quite a photo that looked like it, despite the fact that I didn't care too much.

▼ I'm glad I took the shutter without looking at anything.

▼ Even in sunny daytime, it is a picture with very strong contrast.

▼ Insta shine is a photo opposite, but it works great with film

▼ Koshien magazine with Showa-like atmosphere without processing

▼ Time slip at the same time with filter and date on the lower right

Also, even at night when there was little light, I was able to take it so far without using a flash.

At night, the date on the lower right appears clearly, and I feel that I have developed a real film.

Huji Cam review I found using

Here are some good places I found actually using it.

● Good place
・ You can take ultra-easy film-like photos with iPhone only (quality not considered free !!!)
・ Continuous shooting is possible

● The place where I am
・ You can not process camera rolls (photographs taken in the past)
・ It is necessary to save one by one because multiple files can not be saved together
・ Shutter sounds

On the preview screen, the photos you have taken so far are lined up. Although you can delete them collectively, you can not save them together.

If you take a lot of photos, it would be nice to turn on the "Auto save to photos" feature for an additional option of ¥ 120.

I personally want to process photos taken in the old days "like shooting", so I want a selection function from the camera roll. However, if you do so, the world's view of the film camera that says "I can't hear again" will be broken ... lol

Huji Cam is a high quality but free app. It is still the third day to use, but is quite addicted to the color etc.

This summer I want to shoot emo pictures with Huji Cam!

See you soon.

I tried to shoot with a real "shooting"

I took the last summer of Heisei with "It's a photo run". | Welcome to the blog | A blog introducing things that will make you feel a little rewarded in your daily life.



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