A breakfast with breakfast. Eat the Hotel New Otani's French toast!

The beginning of the day is from breakfast.

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Morning meal Do you eat properly everyday? Since I came to Tokyo last year I was only cooked meal, but when I was a college student I was cooking rice properly every day. (So ​​what!

Now that I have abandoned the option of making rice, what I eat for breakfast in the week 2 is Famima's French Toast called "Shimoni French". I love it and it is really delicious, but I am always looking for a French toast that exceeds this "blotchy French".

This time I ate a French toast which is said to be excellent with breakfast at that traditional hotel New Otani. Will it really go beyond "Shimotsu French toast"? What?

I would like to tell you the splendor of the Juwat French toast that the chef will do in front of me.

The location is New Otani 40th floor TOWER BUFFET

When you go up to the 40th floor with an elevator, you will be waiting for signs with an excellent view of breakfast. I can not wait anymore if I think there is a fabulous French toast ahead of this! Looking forward to it!

As expected, the breakfast venue is also big in the big hotel! Because we always stay at business hotel only, this spacious breakfast venue will raise the tension! !

 And it was lucky that we arrived at 9 o'clock late and not so crowded!

French toast the chef will bake

As a Japanese-style food buffet, udon, rice, bacon, fruit ... everything was packed in this wide buffet corner. Once in a while, I will head straight to the place where the chef is standing.

Yes! ! ! This goal is "French toast bar".

There are two kinds of French toast of French toast tropicana, raisin 's French toast, and two kinds of meal type French toast (mozzarella cheese, rye bread' s clock mushy style) and a total of 4 kinds of French toasts are arbitrarily arranged!

And this is the new otani TOWER BUFFET dish of the breakfast! French toast that the chef baked up in front of me!

I have never seen such a huge french toast mass. A loaf of bread with its surface firmly baked. As much as I want to take home and decorate it in the room, I will only be happy with this visual.

When I asked "I want to eat freshly prepared foods", it is good - baked in front of me. Oh it is too high.

Toast with plenty of fresh milk and milky lotion in butter on the iron plate! ! My favorite sweet smell drifts.

You will be served on a plate! !

Egg liquid is stained and soft, and the taste of butter stains dwarf is the best. Do not compare with convenience stores, but the softness and sweetness of bread are completely different!

Right after the second cup. Can you convey it from the photograph, this kanji taste is blotting? Although the taste is staining, the bread feels light, so I ate as much as I could.

However, just! From a faction without bread 's ears, I did not need bread' s ears. If there were no bread of ears it would have been 100 points. 90 points as there was bread's ear.

After that, I ate a sweet French toast. "French toast tropicana" is baked in bucket, it is thickness thick and fluffy. Bread 's ears were also thin and it was my favorite!

Raisin 's French toast was also delicious, but the French toast that the chef burns was awesome.

The result of the confrontation with Famima's "Shimoni French"! What?

I evaluated it with ◎ ◯ △ ×, with evaluation point attached without permission!
Goodness for Hotel Nuota is the fluffiness of bread. The sweetness and taste of the original bread was the best, because it is a bread dealt with at the hotel.

Shimane French Hotel New Otani
Penetration of emulsion
Softness of bread ◎◎◎
Simplicity of seasoning
Are there no bread ears

As I approached the degree of penetration of the milky lotion, the taste looked more carefully, but because the place where the spot was staining was rose, I could not evaluate it more than Famima.

However, overall it was awesome except for the ears of bread!

Morning while overlooking Tokyo

The recommended point of TOWER BUFFET is not only "French toast" but "superb view". Because it is on the 40th floor, you can see the magnificent view of Tokyo while eating. The best scenery because the weather was good on this day and I could see it far.

It is fun to look at Google Map, such as guest house in Akasaka, National Stadium under construction, buildings in Roppongi etc. It seems that Mt. Fuji can be seen when it is fine!

While watching such a magnificent scenery, I was able to eat my favorite French toast so it was already the best day's start. Next time I would like to eat Japanese food as well. Lol

TOWER BUFFET Basic information

Basic information on TOWER BUFFET 's breakfast at Hotel New Otani is here.

Street address 4-1 Kioicho Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Hotel New Otani Tokyo 40F
nearest station 3 minutes on foot from Akasaka Mitsuke Station
Breakfast breakfast 7:00~10:00

Of course it seems that it is open day and night, so people who are not good at morning · people who want to see the night view can see superb views even at different time zones!

I think that it is an unbearable space for French toast lovers, so I would like you to visit once! Next time I will write an article of French toast which is too delicious on the market.

See you soon!



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