5 ultimate killing time applications that can be watched forever by themselves

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If time-killing apps that everyone can enjoy are popular, is there a demand for apps that can kill time alone?

This time, I would like to introduce five apps that are perfect for spending time alone. There is a famous app, but there may be a function that you probably don't know by writing a specific way to kill time with that app!

5 best apps for killing time alone

① Tik Tok

Video social app "Tik Tok". Everyone around me says “I ’ll see you”, regardless of gender or age.

To kill time on the Tik Tok Royal Road, just scroll vertically in the “Recommended” field.

Popular videos and videos created by popular creators will be displayed more and more, so you will forget that time has passed.

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②Room Clip

SNS "Room Clip" where interior coordination of rooms is posted

I want to follow a person with my favorite interior and have a list of items that they actually use! I like to see the list.

If you want to kill more time, look at the “Recommended Shop” timeline. A place where accounts of various furniture and interior companies are lined up.

You can meet wonderful interior brands that have never been done before.

Convenient because you can find your favorite brand from photos and atmosphere. It's like an instagram specialized in furniture.


Of matching service app. I think some people have a dangerous image of matching, but it's pretty fun. There is nothing dangerous about using the app.

Usage is simple with flick only. It is a habit to flick the opposite sex that comes out of the card type to the left and right, and I will use it all the time (laugh)

If you have a handsome guy or a cute person, you can see a message.


Pinterest is an app that collects your favorite items with pins.

I use it mainly to collect my favorite interior images. I want to make it like this in the future ... I'm addicted to watching various photos while thinking.

As you collect your favorite pins, your home will gradually become personalized, so it's fun to use as many as you like.


Instagram that everyone knows ... not a neta gier ... lol

I'm really choosing the apps I use to kill time, so let me tell you a little about Instagram.

“Recommended” in the second tab from the left is looking at the same frequency as stories and posts

It shows other users' posts and popular posts according to your preference. I often like dance videos and cute girls, so I see similar posts.

Recently, by flicking "Recommended" to the right, you can see recommended posts by category. Many girls are looking for cute models and favorite hairstyles and nails from this recommendation.

Please refer to it when you are really free

How was your time-killing app? I don't play games so much, so the app I introduced might be biased.

It's just perfect for people who like to watch something, so please use it when you're free!

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