Shirokanedai "Beef pot iron" has plenty of mood. It was a store I wanted to be invited to for an adult date.

Hello! It is the cleanliness of a manager.

Stores where I usually think "I want to go!" This time, I went to the Shirokanedai "beef hot pot iron" that I had always wanted to go to.

・ The entrance is a self-locking hideaway
・ All seats can be enjoyed in half private rooms without worrying about other customers
・ The marbled Wagyu beef is delicious

… I would like to introduce it because it was a perfect store for adult dates.

I want to be invited to a date like this. Lol

A world with a great atmosphere at the end of auto lock

6 minutes walk from Shirokanedai station "Beef hotpot iron"
It's in a dark place around a platinum alley, and the entrance is a heavy black door, so it may be a little confusing.

The entrance is self-locking, and the key is opened by pressing the intercom. It's perfect for a special date because everybody knows it.

When you open the heavy door, you will come to the Japanese-style courtyard that follows the shop. It's nice to cross the cobblestone aisle and enter the store as a ryokan.
The first floor is a bar and the second floor is a restaurant. You can wait at the bar on the 1st floor until the reservation time comes, but the lighting is dark and the atmosphere is mature.

All seats are half-private, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the surroundings.

Only one menu

There is only one menu for the beef hot pot iron, and only one beef hot pot course (5,000 yen) is a match. This course was delicious and just right in quantity, and I was very satisfied.

Appetizers and thick beef seared (and my favorite Chardonnay wine!). The dishes are fashionable and the seats are dimly lit so the atmosphere is plentiful.

From the beginning, a hot pot is also prepared, and it has a nice aroma of white miso-based soup ...!

And the main dish, Japanese marbled beef and vegetables. Even if you put it in a pot for a long time, the soft soup of white meat and miso soup was excellent.

Also, since you can eat plenty of vegetables such as burdock and Chinese cabbage, this was also a nice content for women.

It looks like the amount is small because it's for two people, but it didn't happen at all. Rather, I thought that this amount is good with an elegant amount.

I was surprised at the extra thick handmade udon noodles

I had eaten mochi before this, so I'm quite full here.

The dessert can be selected from "Shochu pudding" or "Tofu can", so I ordered Shochu pudding as a graduate of Kagoshima University.

The shochu was sprinkled on the exquisite softness of milk pudding and it was a dessert dessert for drinkers. It was so delicious that I wanted to eat the pudding alone.

The atmosphere is the best until the end

On the way back, there was a stone pavement, and I returned from a heavy door.

The clerk's response was also good, and it was the best shop if I could bring it to an adult date without being noisy.

If you have a girl who wants to persuade you, I highly recommend this store.

Basic information of beef hotpot iron

Store name
Street address
5-15-10 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 2F
business hours
Shirokanedai station. 6 minutes on foot

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