Renove the 120-year-old town house. Kanazawa "Guest House White" was too retro retouched

I can not understand the difference between the hostel and guest house
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There are many words related to accommodation such as "hotel" "ryokan" "hostel" "guesthouse" There are so many things confusing, do not you think?

Especially because the difference between "Hostel" and "Guest House" was not known, when examined, both are defined in the same way as "Structure and Facilities Shared by Many People" There is no fixed rule.

"Hostel" is more dormitory type, "Guesthouse" seems to be smaller in many cases than the hostel.

Since the article of TABILABO was easy to understand, please read those who are interested in it.
Well then, then, I did not know ... Difference between hostel and guesthouse

The other day of Kanazawa tripWell, I decided to make a trip that kept the accommodation quite cheap, which was luxurious with food.

This time I caught a 120 - year - old town house lineme, "Oshashi retro" guest house white.

Because it was considerably cheap at 3,500 yen in a dormitory, it was fairly cheap so I went with a feeling about "I can sleep" but I would like to share it because it was better than I expected.

Retro look with 120 years history

"Guest house white" which it is possible to go by bus from Kanazawa station in 13 minutes

Access from the Kanazawa Castle Park to the sightseeing spot is also the best location, 10 seconds on foot (10 minutes instead of 10 minutes!).

This is the exterior reason why I decided to stay here! While I was watching various things on the net, I fell in love with the appearance at first sight and decided!

Even if I look at the picture again, after all it is very good retro! The following is written in HP.

Kanazawa Machiya, built in the Meiji era and used as a merchant, private house, tax accountant office, was reborn as a guest house in 2014.

Kanazawa where the old cityscape remains intact. While there are various guest houses throughout the country, we can only stay in Kanazawa for properties that renovated 120-year-old machiya. maybe.

Opening the entrance door sideways with rattles, it is a retro entrance than grandmother.

I was able to check in from 14 o'clock.

Guest House White Female Dormitory Room

When checking in the guesthouse will guide you to the room and will explain notes etc.

This time I got a dormitory only for 6 people / women. It was 3,500 yen per night.

Three bank beds like this.
I seemed to be able to choose beds in order of check-in, I made it to the bottom of the window side.

It is a private space where there is only a minimum space for sleeping, hangers, and sheds, but if you can sleep at all, OK

And there were also valuables goods on top of the store. Truly!

I woke up in the morning and wrote a blog on my futon. It's fresh to write blogs on a futon, but I like concentrating on narrow spaces.

Of course there are private rooms and dormitory only for men soOfficial websitePlease see.

Shared space with unlimited coffee with kotatsu

The goodness of "Guest House White" is not just the appearance. The place where everyone can use it is super fashionable and fulfilling.

A living space where you can unwind chilling while reading a book.

Kotatsu space where all guests can talk. I got along well with my uncle sleeping down here

Bodoge on the basket on the top of the kotatsu! ! I did not do this time, but I would like to do it when I stay for a long time.

I wrote a blog on a bath with friends with my friends, but I made a lot of progress.

The kitchen is also a shared space. Management was perfect and everyone was using it neatly.

Coffee and tea can be drunk freely, so I tried brewing.

A washroom (1 piece), a toilet (3 pieces), a shower (1 piece) are shared. My hair was not falling as well, and the water surroundings were beautiful was very easy!

Guest House White Honen review

[Good point]

  • Kanazawa's rich retro interior decoration and exterior
  • Just like it is possible to stay a small number of people
  • Cleaning around the water goes and there is a feeling of cleanliness
  • Post·Official websiteAll the designs are cute and cute

The same person, such as bulletin, guest house guide, official HP etc, is designed, but it is characterized by careful and cute handwriting anyhow.

I would like you to see various places when I actually stayed, but I think that cute design of the design will be conveyed just by looking at the official website.

[Caution point! 】

  • There is no lavatory in the dormitory room
  • There is only one bathroom

Toothpaste is 1F toilet and shower was also one place so it would be even better if there was one more! I thought. Since the bath is crowded after 21 o'clock at night, there were people who went to the public bath.

I do not feel special inconvenience because it thinks that the number of guests on a single day is about 10 people. When a woman brings a mirror to make up properly, she can not use the mirror ...! I thought it was not going to happen.

I wrote various things, but overall it was really recommended. Because the number of guests on the day is limited, I could spend slowly and I could exchange more deeply with the guests.

The guesthouse of the staff is also gentle, guest house White who wanted to come to stay here again when coming to Kanazawa white. Sorry for the intrusion.

Here is the article of Kanazawa trip.

First time in Kanazawa. I was able to win the tourist attractions in 1 day and 2 nights! 【First day】

It is the first Kanazawa. I was able to take sightseeing spots in 2 days and 1 night! 【the 2nd day】 



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