Going forward with life using Google Map "My Place" function! How to use ~ cafe edition ~

Hello! I like the fashionable work cafe.

Stylish cafe information coming around on Twitter and Insta. When I saw the post "Let's go to this neighborhood next time, let's try this fashionable cafe!" Although it is a good idea, It is a fact that you can not really remember even if you actually go around it.

Even if I try to find a cafe, I don't remember so much and after all, isn't it crowded at the Shibuya Work Cafe?

If you have a cafe list organized regularly, you can quickly find the cafe you want to visit.

"My place" is a basic feature of Google Map, so I think many people already know it. This time I go to a different cafe every week and I am actually using it, How to make it easy to find the cafe you want to visit with Google Map I will tell you!

It is recommended because it can be used not only for "My Place" function and cafe but also for restaurant and travel destinations.

Information on cafe information is mainly Twitter

At first from information gathering of cafe. I mainly find cafes that I want to go from Twitter. There are more bloggers and freelancers, so there is inevitably more information on the cafe.

If cafe information that I think is good in the timeline flows, it will be nice!

Tomiko's tweets are good! Did. I did not know a good cafe in Shinjuku ... I would like to thank you for this information.

And here's what's important here. Let's move to Google Map properly.

Just save it with Google Map and you will make your life better!

Open Google Map and search for the cafe you want to visit.

I have always loved Google Maps, but in recent years it has evolved rapidly, and I have come up with a "recommendation" for myself.

And after that, I would like to do Press "Save" properly.I will really go on my life just by doing this.

Make your own favorite list and make your life even better!

There are three kinds of save button originally.

1. Favorites
2. Where you want to go
3. A place with a star

It may be classified by this alone, If you want to make your life even more exciting, try making a list for yourself. All cafes that I can nomadize are put together in a "working cafe".

The point is to make a detailed list in an easy-to-understand manner such as "Working cafe" and "Eat log 4.5 or more shops". Just making this list will make life after this much easier (too much to say ...)

Have a nice cafe around here? Will solve soon

It's really easy to choose a cafe on the go just by doing the work so far.

For example, when looking for a cafe around Shibuya, just open Google Map and it's OK. From the left hamburger tab part Tap "My Place" to see the list you have saved so far .

From there, when you open the "Working Cafe" that you created the other day, you can see a map of that much, so you can quickly find a cafe you want to visit nearby.

It is premised that you register various cafes from time to time, but it is better to do because you can find out where you wanted to go right away.

It can also be used at destinations and restaurants for travel destinations

This time I introduced it at the "Working Cafe", but you can also save other good shops and save a few destinations for your trip.

It also leads to a loss of time to search, so I think it is perfect for busy people. Please use Gooogle Map to make your life progress.

See you soon!



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