I went to Tsukiji "Ginza Suguroya" high-class sushi all-you-can-eat 3,500 yen. What is your reservation, waiting time, and news item?

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Do you like sushi everyone? There are not people you dislike.

I like sushi the best among the food in tuna, but I can not go to sushi which is not easy to spin due to budget. But, the other day I got a dreamlike invitation that synchronization is "Do you want to eat sushi that you do not want to go from?"

A tuna, a sea, an abalone, how much ... a place like a dream that holds any fish in a showcase was a disney land in the sushi world. We will introduce you with the pictures taken with the iPhone, so please look when you are not hungry.

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  1. 1.Saturday · Holiday only! All-you-can-eat sushi ¥ 3,500
  2. 2.Booking table & waiting time for Ginza Tuna
  3. 3.We recommend walking around Tsukiji in the waiting time
  4. 4.Tuna, noodles, all-you-can-eat abalones
  5. 5.Manager who is aiming for Hollywood debut
  6. 6.Shop information of Ginza tuna and others
  7. 7.I ate yakiniku at Ushigoro

Saturday · Holiday only! All-you-can-eat sushi ¥ 3,500

What I was invited to synchronize this time is Tsukiji's "Ginkgo tuna"
There is nothing special, especially 5 minutes on foot from Tsukiji station, but I understood at a glance that a queue was made.

All you can eat sushi in Tsukiji for 90 minutes as its name suggests. It was written that there is no longer anything in the front of the shop and the homepage and it is finished.

By the way, all you can eat is Saturday · Holiday only. Sunday and even weekdays are not doing it, so be careful! This time I went on Saturday.

Booking table & waiting time for Ginza Tuna

All you can eat at Ginza Tuna is 11: 00 ~ start, but you can not enter the shop even if you arrive at 11:00. Rather, if you want to enter on the day, you must come to the shop once at 8:30.

What do you mean? I think, but since we do not accept advance booking, we have no choice but to visit us normally. And as the only way to secure the order, you need to write your name on the "reservation table" before the shop at 8:30 in the morning.

If you write the name, the number of people, etc., the name is called at the time of that order. In my case, when I go to write a reservation table at 8: 30, it is already the second piece of the reservation table. It seems that this reservation table was put out to the shop before 8:30. It is popular really.

To put it exactly, at the time of 8:30, I named third from the top of the second piece of paper, but actually it was called 13: 15 and it was five hours later. At the time of entering the store, the names were filled up to the 3rd to 4th sheets of the reservation table. It is essential to get up early if you want absolutely sushi in Ginza Tuna or something!

We recommend walking around Tsukiji in the waiting time

It is not so if you write your name at 8:30 and you can not leave it forever. Once you write your name, freedom until you call your name.

Since there was plenty of time, I will kill time by visiting Tsukiji sightseeing.

Tsukiji Honjinji. There was such a building (lol)

Tsukiji fish market. Anyway, I was crowded with tourists. My favorite tuna was dismantled. I'm eating from now!

According to the HP of the shop, it says "I will rotate about 20 people in one hour", so it seems to be calculated and returning only. If name is called when you are not present, other customers will be given priority. I thought that I want you to incorporate a system that will be notified about 10 minutes ago ~.

Tuna, noodles, all-you-can-eat abalones

Finally I was able to enter the store at 13: 15! The interior of only the counter seats is small, I will sit in order from the back.

When I arrived, I already had tea and wet towels, and four kinds of tuna that always comes out first. All-you-can-eat for red meat, bottled beer, medium Toro, pickled tuna!

When I met a tuna filled with variety from the beginning, the fatigue of waiting time also blew away at once.

And at the time when we finished eating 4 kinds of tuna, the craftsmen said "Do not eat here!" Without worrying about the warship festival!

How much · Uon · Negro Tro ... ... with sushi and something to go around, luxurious stories are arranged. And all the ingredients. Everything is fresh and great.

When I was watching the menu with what I was going to ask next time, a juice came out. It is nice that you can have souvenirs of chopstick breaks in all you can eat.

Well now, it is not only me that I want to eat high-end neta before my stomach is full. We ordered abalone and sea bream! I could not eat abalone easily, so I did not think that it was in a menu of all you can eat.

Next, I ordered a scallop to try the shellfish. Friendly craftsmen say, "If there are other shellfish, there are many other things! Would you like to try eating everything?"

They held grasshoppers and Aoyagi, which I normally do not ask for. Because sushi's story can be ordered one by one, it is the best to be able to pick up various things.

At the end of the shellfest festival, I am satisfied with my stomach already. Once I relaxed the bridge and was staring at the showcase story carefully, the customer living on the other side was asking for fresh octopus.

I am still alive, fresh and plump enough for octopuses to move! that? Is octopus fresh like this? It was crispy and fresh. It was completely different from the eating texture that I always eat with rotated sushi.

After that, the craftsmen who calls out to be afraid of being uncertain as to what to eat.

Three people are dealing with a large number of customers at a stretch, "Is that still you knowing, is not it?" "I was saying I want to eat salmon a while ago.

While grasping sushi, remember what the other person ate, and propose the story that the other party would like to want now. I thought that it seemed like normal and I was using my mind firmly.

Lastly closed with Mentaiko that was in front of you! Mentaiko not too hot was served on a warship as soon as possible. I guess three times as many convenience store rice balls were included.

Results It was 17th that I could eat this time. It was all you could eat for 90 minutes, but I was only hungry for 60 minutes (laugh) This price is very satisfying because I can eat only my favorite things. Thank you for the meal.

Manager who is aiming for Hollywood debut

Not only tasty but also the atmosphere was good Ginka tuna. It was laughed quite well by the craftsmen who talks to us friendly. Toward people who are staggering at the counter, "Just how many pieces do you want?

The other day guests from overseas are coming and I do not understand Japanese though it seems to have been interviewed by the TV in Hong Kong, but something fun! The atmosphere that looked like it was drifting throughout. "I want to debut Hollywood next time," he said. Clerks who made me think that I wanted to come again.

Shop information of Ginza tuna and others

Store name
Ginkgo tuna and Tsukiji store
Street address
Tsukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo 6-8-10 Koshiba Building 1F
nearest station
Tsukiji, Tsukiji Market, Shintomicho
About all you can eat

· 3,500 yen in 90 minutes.
· Reservation is impossible. Let's write the name on the reservation table issued at 8:30.
· Saturday · It is a public holiday only.
· Business closes as soon as the story ends!
· Eating leaves will be charged separately.

Before Hollywood debuts and getting crowded, everyone should go and see!

See you soon!

I ate yakiniku at Ushigoro

Nishiazabu head office 'Utsugoro' 's "extreme tongue" is too much melting



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