3 cute souvenirs that you can buy at the German supermarket "Buying Pake"

It's the fourth day of Germany right now.
The trip is about to begin, so I decided to buy a souvenir as soon as possible.

I usually buy cheap souvenirs for overseas travel at supermarkets because I can get local ones cheaply.

This time, I will introduce 3 types of "souvenirs with cute packaging" that I found about 4 supermarkets in Germany!

3 fashionable souvenirs you can buy at a German supermarket

① Chocolate

The chocolates sold at the organic supermarket "Alnatura" look very cute.

This is all chocolate! Does it look like miscellaneous goods?


Especially, I bought the 2 left ones without understanding German because I fell in love with the package at first sight. (Confirmed later, nu + cao was the taste that I didn't like cinnamon and & coconut ... lol)

Although the chocolates in ordinary supermarkets have a strong marketing feel, Alnatura has many fashionable packages.

It is not recommended to distribute to a large number of people such as companies and schools, but it seems good to buy several for close people!

② Bath salt

Isn't it especially nice for women to get it?

The bath salt found at the drugstore "dm" is cute in a pop package!

Bilou bath salt with 3 different scents: mint, orange lemonade and cherry. The price is a little higher at 1.25 € (150 yen) per item.

In addition, I bought a German brand Kneipp and Dresdner Essenz bath salt because it was a little cheaper at 0.95 € each!

There are a lot of cold times in winter, which makes me happy.

③ tea

A tea pack that is so light that it won't be a luggage.
You can purchase one of these CUPPER series at the drug store "dm" for 2.95 €. The package is so cute that I can't imagine it being on the market.

"BE HAPPY" and "SWEET DREAMS" were selected from more than 10 flavors.

I bought "BE HAPPY" because I tried it at my friend's house and it was easy to drink without any habit!

Although the aroma of overseas tea is too strong and sometimes fails, CUPPER's tea is saved because the contents are written on the side of the box.

△ Some contents are listed under ORGANIC.

The box is bulky compared to other souvenirs, but it's recommended because the inside is a small package and you can scatter!

Bonus "behind the blog"

This is a picture of "My friend came in when I was shooting for a blog." Lol

Cute and favorite.

A friend from high school in Germany, who has been with me since I was in high school, also looked at the blog and suggested that "Isn't this going to be a story?" I will.

I am happy to have friends who understand me like this! I will do my best to update!

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