Even Apple believers, Galaxy Studio Tokyo 's attractiveness is surely a mechanism of being too impressed 【Event Repo】


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Yesterday I came to the Galaxy Studio Tokyo event on Harajuku Cat Street!

I heard that "the VR experience can be done for free" and I went with light feelings,It's more than you imagined, so I was shocked and I'm excited to write a blog.

Being aware of the attraction of Galaxy without knowing what I was completely aiming for VR, the smartphone I want next is now Galaxy S8, not iPhone 8 or iPhone X. (Not a stemmer)

It has been a lot of fun from entering the venue until I leave the room ...The attraction of Galaxy is being transmitted more and more, though it does not mean that we are receiving business.

It's not too good to design such a great event that is only good for both parties! ? I thought so, I summarized what was great. It is also highly recommended to play on a date!

What is Galaxy Studio Tokyo (Harajuku BANK GALLERY)?

A place where you can enjoy Galaxt S8, VR and smart devices for free!

It is a wonderful event that you can experience VR content for free in Harajuku.

Opening period 2017.09.08 (Fri) ~ 2017.12.26 (Tue)
Street address

6-14-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


open time 11 o'clock to 20 o'clock
Official website
  • Wait time ... It took about 5 minutes to go to Sunday at 18 o'clock in the middle of 3 consecutive holidays and to enter!
  • Congested situation in ... 3F VR experience zone lined up for about 15 minutes.
  • The time required ... 2 ~ 3 hours in anticipation of what it is good ~.


3 amazing points in Galaxy Studio Tokyo

It makes it rotate in the form of 1 stampary evenly

The first feature of the event, "Galactic Attack", which can be viewed from outside the venue

Everyone wants to get in on this at the attraction of the VR game! I am visiting the event hall.

However, I can not get on that easily.
As a condition to ride, it is essential that you experience 5 or more other content.

We will stamp the content that you experience in such a way. (What I experienced is with a G stamp!)

It is a stamp rally method to ensure that only super popular content is biased & to know about Galaxy properly.


2 Quality too high “User Experience” reveals nature and high functionality of Galaxy

All the content needed for that stamp rally is not VR.

Rather, the agile VR content to be performed with the head mounted display is about two pieces, the rest is simply "introduction content of Galaxy function".

This is amazing because the quality is too high.

■ Introduction of waterproof function by SELPHY


If you let yourself take a picture with Galaxy in advance and drop the smartphone into the water, the picture you took will be displayed more and more.

Just put your smartphone in the water! More significant impact.


■ Introduction of camera high quality in planetarium

An experience-type content that lets you get inside the planetarium and actually take a picture of a star with Galaxy.

People usually have an iPhone, so let's take a picture with the iPhone first and then take a picture with Galaxy. I am super bullish.

The difference in image quality is clear when comparing with actual shooting.

(Left: iPhone 7 plus, right: Galaxy S8)

Galaxy school than the iPhone at this time already! ! It was supposed to be. I am sorry in meeha.

■ Introduction of AI function with calorie mate

The Galaxy camera has an AI function! He introduced me while photographing the calorie mate.

The small English below is also translated into Japanese in an instant just by taking pictures with a camera.

I thought that I wanted when I was a student who translated my dissertation.


There were other functions as well, but what I have in common is the “fun experience”.

There is such a great function! SayA participatory fun experience content that can be enjoyed by users who are not business introductions and who are not familiar with technical mattersWas included.


The way of 3 SNS capture is also great!

Instead of being a free event, there was a mechanism to be able to announce firmly using the visitors.

■ Colorful latte free present by SNS share

The conditions for getting this colorful and insta shiny drink are:

  • 5 stamps of stamp rally
  • SNS post (Twitter or Instagram)

People were collecting stamps for this purpose, and they were spreading properly on SNS.

■ You can get the photos that looks like Insta

One of the experience content "360 ° by Galaxy"

The 360 ° picture taken here was given as data on the spot! It seems that Insta shines, and people who got this will be uploaded to SNS more and more.




In fact, I saw this photo on my friend's Insta, and I wanted to go, so I was stuck in a trick. Lol


Of course the VR experience is great too

I also had a VR experience properly.
3F VR corner from 4 attractionsYou will be guided in order of availability

Luckily, I was able to ride on the most scary VR attraction "Flying Dino"!

Even though this was just putting Galaxy in the head mounted display, it was the best I could experience like Disney!



Anyway, it's the best UX, so please go.


So, it was a wonderful event from the start, with a focus on "user experience"!

The content is great, but the tempo and the story we talked about from the event staff who introduced Galaxy were great.

It is held every day until December 26th, and it's free, so everyone should go there.

IncidentallyThe stamp rally can be used from the continuation when it comes next timeIt looks like In fact, I didn't have enough time, so I couldn't get on the big "Galactic Attack", so I'm going again! Lol

Well then! (1 ╹ ω ╹ 1)





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