Interesting and popular overseas account account summary 7 Selections 【Instagram】

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The apps that have opened unexpectedly are overwhelmingly instagrams.

Thank you for reading my wardrobe.
It is administrator's OL blogger Pirogi (@ pirori 3182) (1 ╹ ω ╹ 1)

Instagram that is indispensable for living girls all over the world!

There are also many people following overseas celebrities and accounts.

Because I can understand without reading the letters, I am also following many foreign Instance accounts!

This time, I will introduce seven entertaining instructors from overseas who are in the 8th year of the past. It is only accounts that you can enjoy even if you do not understand English!

Well then!

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  1. 1.7 funny Instance accounts selected
    1. 1.1.Bleached system instant
      1. 1.1.1.① boyfriends_of_insta
      2. 1.1.2.②shibuyameltdown
      3. 1.1.3.③miserable_men
    2. 1.2.Necessary instructor
      1. 1.2.1.④lelepons
      2. 1.2.2.⑤ zachking
    3. 1.3.Parody instructor
      1. 1.3.1.⑥ blowingbasic
      2. 1.3.2.⑦Waverider
  2. 2.Please tell me if there is an interesting Insta account ♬
  3. 3.I liked Youtuber too, so I tried it together

7 funny Instance accounts selected

Bleached system instant

① boyfriends_of_insta

An account that has been posted "As boyfriend at the institution" as its name.

My boyfriend who is taking photos with amazingly humorous posture is being exposed to take good pictures for her.

On the back side of the picture, it is an account that tells us that there is a boyfriend who is doing her best this time w


"Shibuyameltdown" up drunk who is drunk in Shibuya

It seems Australians living in Japan are updating their everyday feeling that they are Japanese in this sight.

The ones we are introducing here are still ordinary level photos, but among the ones that are actually posted are those that are out of the ass, or they are throwing geeks ...

There are some pictures that lose your appetite, so please take good care of the time. Lol


miserable men = an account account named "miserable men".

Men who are dating for women's shopping are bored.

Every men has their heads on shopping mall chairs and sofas, they are sleeping ... This phenomenon is common in the world.

The other day I went to the outlet with my family, my father was in this state.

While three women are shopping, they are alone at the food court and drive away on the way back ... really my father is great. Lol

Necessary instructor


The account of Lele Pons born in South America has lots of masochistic neta videos!

As young as 20 years old, followers are over 18 million people and very popular instructor glamor. The interesting thing is posted 3-4 times a week, a short story movie Lele himself appeared.

"Communicating people when meeting new friends"

"When my younger brother brought her a new girlfriend"

It is interesting and I am willing to think unexpectedly, such as facial expressions that change as well as gestures like South Americans.

A versatile Lele who can also dance is occasionally putting a pretty dance into the neta movie, so it's really cool!

⑤ zachking

Zachking carrying magic videos that "I am surprised without thinking about this!"

At the age of 7 I took the first video using a home video camera and at the age of 14 I bought a set of video equipment for the camera, tripod and Macintosh computer and started shooting and editing

- Wikipedia

He said that not only the appearance but also the editing himself did. The quality of video editing has reached the field of art no longer.

In fact, it's interesting to see how many videos are working on any video!

Parody instructor

⑥ blowingbasic

Accounts where macho men recreate glittering girls are here!

I am imitating myself entirely with a man like the one posted by overseas rear girls.

I have shimmer / beard as it is, so there is somewhat different feeling, but I am conscious of only being able to convince that there is "Ah there is". Lol

Not only photos but also captions and hash tags when posting completely reproduce girls so please try to focus on!


Waverder who keeps parodying pictures of overseas celebrities.

Teenage boys living in the USA have copied the pictures of famous celebrities such as Taylor, Ariana, Kaitie and so on.

Costumes and backgrounds feel a handmade feeling, and in his / her own profile field "I am the Walmart version of ur fav celebs (I am your favorite celebrityWalmartIt is a version)"Haha

Most of them do not look alike at all, but they are smiling in the way they imitate themselves.

Please tell me if there is an interesting Insta account ♬

How about 7 selections of overseas fun placement accounts?

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, I thought that I can enjoy it even if I do not understand English, I thought again that it is a nice place for the instructor!

If you know other interesting accounts please tell me (1 ω ω ╹ 1)!

I liked Youtuber too, so I tried it together

Youtube 5 choice I personally recommend for super good Youtube addiction! Welcoming blog |



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